Krrish 3 didn’t make the same mistakes as RaOne

Ok, i was wrong, i mean totally wrong about Krrish 3. It got mixed reviews and also my cousin was asking me accompany to him, so i thought, what the hell?? !! GO FOR IT. I went in 25 minutes late, Yeah i did, and huh, it just grew on me with time, i swear to God, I’m admitting it now, it is good.
Lets start with the story, i hate to confirm it again but it was good, if you have seen the whole X-Men Series till now, you’ll find it identical but the way they have developed the story, the way they have put emotions, in it is awesome though Priyanka Chopra was overreacting in every situation and one they did one good thing, that many emotional scenes didn’t involve Prinyanka Chopra.
Anyway we move to the next aspects i.e. Directing, Acting, Music & Effects on screen. Well, talking about directing, I think Director, Writer, Producer and the father of the main character in the movie 😛 Rakesh Roshan has done splendidly good in this movie, there were some loo breaks, but he made them look faded with his skill.
Acting: As a main character Rohit, Krrishna and Krrish, Hritik Roshan has seems to have done taken his homework pretty seriously. He very good especially in that scene when he gets the news that his child is no more. He wasn’t just acting, he made it more look like tragedy with him. He was perfect as Rohit(father), good as Krishna(son) not so perfect as (Husband) and strong as Krrish(superhero)
Kangana Ranaut: Huh, she has done a fabulous work, after all she had an important role to play in the movie. This is her first role i have actually liked.
Vivek Oberoi: As many as people around to criticize him, he has slapped them in the face. This act of his is untouchabble (not so well in the end).
Prinyanka Chopra: (Refer the first paragraph.) I don’t wanna talk about it. It wasn’t that bad, but she being around in the movie makes me sick.
Music, choreography, Special Effects and photography:
The Music: Well, you’ve been listening to it since the music launch. No great story to tell, however, they do not seem to be forced in the movie. Choreography in Raghupati Raghav looked good, really awesome. In Dil Tu hi Baata, it was average performance, since on one in the audience gave crap about it when they saw Hritik’s fit body and Rangana’s magic. When God Allah Aur Bhagwan started, i went out for a little break, didn’t even bother to listen to it.
The Special Effects as expected after the trailer weren’t full of life, which keeps the audience unsatisfied. Also, it was because Rakesh Roshan didn’t use Foreign Softwares while filming the movie. But Photography, has shown its true essence after not-so-good Special Effects.
The Last Word: The film shares the similar basic plot as X-Men, but and even if you are a Hollywood Film Lover, don’t compare the latter with the X-Men. We, Indians lack in appreciating good FILMS and thus fail to climb the ladder to reach the next level. Anyways, I’d recommend this family entertainer to every Bollywood film lover.
The movie has done very well to cover as much as possible but it lacks in few key areas.
I’d go with 3.5/5


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