‘The Leader Who Had No Title’- A memorable novel to remember

‘m feeling tensed while writing this review, after reading this amazing book by Robin Sharma. He really has his way of storytelling. This book not only amuses you with a great story but also gives a fascinating way of truly living a life, of leading without a title.
The story begins with a former military man(Blake) working at a bookstore, who has lost everything and everyone. It gets hard for him to concentrate and work for a long time. He is not living a balanced life, that’s when a man who has won award of Employee of the Year for consecutive 5 years visits the bookstore and gives him Introduction about the LWT philosophy. He convinces Blake that he can be a leader without a title and should meet the four teachers who will reveal the four principles of LWT philosophy to him. 
Robin Sharma has written this awe-inspiring novel which involves everything that makes a story complete. The emotional moment at the end is quite heartbreaking but he has transformed that into a message that we should take into consideration, in a way-follow it in our lives. Though it starts well in the beginning , it kind of holds off in the middle, but read it as for that moment of exhilaration after completing it. Read it to test yourself. Read it for what Robin Sharma has kept you in it. 
Beautiful Novel Handsomely Written. No wonder why he is one of the BESTSELLERS. I’d go with 4.5/5


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