Raktyug: A fine effort

The trailer of the film was pretty mediocre as I thought the movie would be. But had heard a lot about filmmaker Sidhesh Borkar and couldn’t resist watching it. After all, this was the first Goan film I was going to watch. Amidst of these thoughts, I was exhilarated to watch this film. Its good to see that political thrillers have too elevated with time, and that filmmakers and audience have gradually shifted their gaze from Rom-com to some innovative ideas.

Direction & Screenplay: The movie uses a layman method to reach out its message to the public, which is one of the plus point in this film. Director Sidhesh Borkar though tacky, does a pretty fair job to present the story in an elegant and tasteful manner. He has put all the necessary elements and kept the duration only 2 hours. This is something many directors fail to achieve. The Screenplay too has its moments, but fails to make an impact. Going with its flow, there are few scenes where the background music plays and the characters seem to have dialogues, and apparently it is mood dampening.

Acting & Music: Vardhan Kamat is perhaps the charismatic character in the film. He is solemn in his role, which becomes one of the strongest highlight points. Khushboo Kawlekar, Sneha Rivankar and Bhavesh Fulari make the cast strong through their acting. Satish Gaonkar and Vijaykumar Kamat too are good in parts. Lyrics by Sidhesh Sir are very pure, the music too is a treat to the ears. Soundtrack ‘Ailo tu’ topples the rest.

The Final Word:The film includes a good conspiracy, some heart touching emotional moments and over all it talks about friendship and unity at its highest levels. It is entertaining, well executed and a story with a message. This is a movie which is produced in an era where the biggies are becoming unusually predictable, here is an innovative movie. As Sidhesh Borkar tries his hand with this movie, I am going with 3.5/5


3 thoughts on “Raktyug: A fine effort

    • Actually its a regional film (Konkani) with a budget not exceeding 20lakhs. So it’s not distributed on a very large scale. It was shown at IFFI Goa this year. Got the opportunity to see it. But I’ll ask around for more information.

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