Singh Saab The Great: A sensible action movie.

What’s good: Sunnyji’s captivating actingand exuberant look and Prakash Raj as villain.

What’s Bad: Tacky camera work and tedious second half.

Loo Breaks: Few.
Watch It or Not: SSTG being Bollywood action film, brings along unbelievable and over-the-top stunts but if you can cope up with it, the thoughtful part fills and grows with time.

Lets take a quick tour of some aspects of the film.
Script, Direction & Music:
This film doesn’t bring up the greatest story/script with it but one can sense fair amount of effort by Shaktimaan Talwar. A glimpse into the Bollywood world will tell you a pattern of films against Bhrastachar-Corruption is rapidly increasing. The screenplay has its up and downs at moments but it really soars up in some fragments.
Director Anil Sharma amplifies the some scenes with no reason. It flows and moves with a different uniqueness but doesn’t make any impact in the second half. Overall the director’s work is quite appreciated.
At no point the soundtracks are effecting. Most of the times they seem forced into the film. Only the title song is the amusement from the whole music album.
Acting Analysis:
Sunny Deol- The man with the Iron Fists, is back into action. His character always offered both- a man filled with rage, to take revenge and a man with wisdom. He has flourished and raised the bar of the film to a very different level.
Prakash Raj is predictable throughout the 2 and half hours, but clear and precise at the same time. As we know of him, he always plays the role of a villain, which an actor of his caliber should rethink about. His dialogue delivery makes the film worthful.
Amrita Rao is average so is Urvashi Rautela. But Urvashi Rautela has shown a bit of talent in her acting. 

The Final Word:
In these times, you can say confidently that action films in India are just an entourage trying kill each other, but this film makes the statement wrong. Despite all the over the top stunts director Anil Sharma keeps the message straight. It is way better than other mediocre action films. It truly astonishes you and you walk out the exit door amused and satisfied. Just because of the warm acting and good screenplay, I’m going with a 4/5.


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