Immortals Of Meluha: Neelkanth Begins

Immortals Of Meluha, being a big, bulky novel was always neglected, but as my friends started recommending it to me, there was a sparkling hope that I’d finally make use of this extreme treat offered by author Amish Tripathi and as I kept slicing through it, I realized that this particular author has a very different style of writing, and uses the words to show a different perspective. 

The story is very simple and also strange at times. Shiva and his group is invited into a foreign country as being searched by Daksha, the  Emperor, for Neelkanth. After being fed tasteful and delicious food which contains Somaras, Shiva’s throat turns blue, a sign of being  Neelkanth. He marches with the Meluhan army to destroy the evil, but he comes across the dignity and pure intent of the Chandravanshis, so called evil. Trying to find answers of the consequences, is met with a Naga. 

Amish Tripathi strives impeccably to meet with its success. This is a novel which brings smile on the face of its reader, astonishes him, brings tears at times and makes him want more of it. The best thing about it is when you start reading it, it pulls you into this beautiful world created by the author. It would have been a tragedy if he hadn’t kept restraint on the topic. Though it is a very long odyssey, it doesn’t feel tedious. This Novel is full of surprises, and makes you wonder “How Amish Tripathi could write his first novel and strike with it in such a way which will enroot/implant in people’s mind for a long time?” 

Its a saga, which is actually complete in its every aspect. I’d give it 4/5. Its a story of true love, the valor of a Mahadev who fought a great war, and an adventure in itself. A true Novel to savour, a reason to feel enchanted. 


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