The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug- Review

ImageThe previous installment in The Hobbit series took about one hour to get going, but considering the taste and quality of people Peter Jackson didn’t hesitate to cut off the unnecessary portion in the movie. On the journey to reclaim the Erebor, Thorin, a small team of dwarves and so called “burgler” Bilbo Baggins march towards the mountain. On their way they face many difficulties but persisting it they open the secret door to the mountain and Bilbo is sent in to seek the hoard of the dragon Smaug. Will they Succeed?

The story is a bit predictable, but what makes this movie transcend is the screenplay. Particularly the couple, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. The most amusing scene in the movie is when they are fleeing from the custody of the Elves through a river. The orcs try to kill the dwraves and the Elves try to protect their kingdom. This chase will make you laugh your asses off, at the same time will it make you remain stunned and shocked. The way the stunts are conducted and the magic of the cinematographer places this movie above most. 

To his caliber, The Hobbit remains the same. Peter Jackson is back with a blast which will make an impact and be remembered  all over the world. It does sometimes pick the tail of a typical Salman Khan Bollywood movie, keeping you entertained for the two and half hours. The Smaug shows himself after two hours and just when he is about to get into action, the screen starts showing credits, informing you to come next year.  This Ingenious effort by Peter Jackson, Dr. Watson, Magneto and others is well appreciated.

Martin Freeman does very well especially his countenance. Ian McKellen is appreciated in his bits. Richard Armitage gives justice to his character. Orlando Bloom hasen’t looked back since he got LOTR and Pirates of the Caribbean.  In spite of introducing new and unexplained characters, The Hobbit makes its stand.

Right from the background score to the VFX effects are praiseworthy. Watching it in 3D is a real treat. All you need is A Cold Coffee and popcorns to keep up with the hobbits!!! I’m going with 4.5/5.


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