Jai Ho: Review


ImageSalman Khan! The profit making brand of India. Any film with his name in its credits is bound to earn big shot collection from Box Office . The secret ingredient in his movies is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Right from Wanted, Dabangg, Bodygaurd to Jai Ho, its been the action and the dialogues. The fortunate enough actor to get consistently funny dialogues. 

Story & Screenplay:

Salman’s movies do not have to do anything with story, except this one is better than most of his other movies in terms of story. As expected, Jai (Salman) the savior of all, is shown helping the amputees, showing pity towards poor and helping people around him, gets involved with people he shouldn’t. There’s no story as such, but the only salient and accentuate message is that, the movie focuses on is ‘The Rise Of Aam Aadmi.’ Speaking about the Screenplay and dialogues, Salman has always been lucky getting evangelical writers all the time to set his full of valor and ferocious character right on. 

Star Performances:

Salman Khan’s Jai outlines the profile of a vigorous and invigorating man, but is not  enthralling enough, though as always he has been the emanation of entertainment. In spite of all that, watching him in an emotional scene is very brooding and fiddling.

Daisy Shah as pinky (the pet name) is flamboyant and is a real ecstasy to watch her move on dance steps, but is stereotypical to some extent and hassling. 

Danny Denzongpa is very petrifying in his act, sharing small space with SK, Daisy and beautiful Sana Khan. He is ties the viewers to his hands when he comes off even with miniature of his brilliance. 

The little boy who rocked the theater with his magnificent dialogue delivery, sheer talent of presence of mind and quintessentially, used with Salman Khan after his captivating acts in Raanjhanaa and Bombay Talkies.

Direction, Cinematography, Music & Choreography:

Sohail Khan strives to maintain the warmth and goodness in the film. When Salman gets an action movie, an amalgamation of Dabangg Police and bad-ass fighter, its an implied rule to take off his shirt and impress young girls, beating ones who try to harm his family in any way, and showing off with attractive dialogues. Which, I think wouldn’t be hard to direct, as the same cheesy situation has to be presented in as impromptu manner as possible. Cinematography is tacky at moments, the first half is shot way better than the latter one. Music is unbearable and misses the spontaneity and originality being similar with the music album of Dabangg and its sequel. Only two songs i.e. Baaki Sab First Class Hai and Naacho re, were profound and complete, and Daisy Shah dancing with the tune on beats was a real treat

The Final Word:

The ubiquitous and cliche stories constitute formulaic secret to SK’s success. He is ‘The Midas’ and is a lively example of an entertainer and the overused dialogue and thought of helping 3 people instead of saying thank you, comes off much creepier,If you think just because of SK, its a family entertainer and entering the theater with same thought would be silly, as for the cheap jokes about neighbor MILF and woman’s panties, and of course the ferocious action. Elucidating the point that it was spell-bound by roars of SK, but also drastic and dreadful in ways, I’m going with 2.5/5


Time Pass: A take on love and typical Indian families


Image Well? What do you expect from such a title? A boy and a girl falling in love, some spicy dialogues suiting the situation creating an environment for perfect laughter, full of emotions, as it is an Indian movie, some over the top hugs and kisses and then a much awaited  break up would do just fine, with an incoherent script and twists which do not even weave the story into a great film. Let me assure you, if you think of Time Pass as such a pathetic movie, because it’s not. 

Do you remember of how you felt, when you saw ‘Leon The Professional’, which was released in1994? Its the exact ecstatic feeling with a  little less consistency. Luc Besson needed just the right movie to make his name. In this case, Ravi Jadhav seems to have quite everything in his control. How often do we come across a director with his every film hitting the ‘Hit’ rank? 

The story in its pristine colors, surrounds over the cliche topic of love, which has tethered every film maker and connected to the latter in every possible way. A teenage boy’s gaze falls on a smart girl, and falls for her. The movie focuses on the struggles and difficultis they have to go through to prove their love, will their love succeed? To find out wait for the sequel. 

Direction, screenplay and soundtrack:

Ravi Jadhav with his predecessors always took on something which would even indoctrinate, appended with entertainment. His movies like Natarang, Balgandharva and Balak Palak were the quintessential examples of his profound work. He just seems to elevate with his every project and now, Time Pass.He has soared to extensive limits. As a screenplay-writer he has profusely entertained the audience. The music, nevertheless seems a great task, but tracks like ‘Mala Veed Lagale’ doesn’t match, rather brings out the difference between the actors and singers. Apart from these flaws, its a album to really enjoy. 

Star Performances & Cinematography:

Having a young star-cast and working with it, allowing the audience to smoothly connect with the film is always a task to sweat for. But Prathamesh Parab and Ketaki Mategaonkar have given copious reasons to watch for. They have cleverly done fair bit of acting keeping watchers astonishing. The countenance of Parthamesh as Dagdu is sometimes creepy. But they are still in the initial period of their career. Cinematography is not opulently used, at time it is tacky but overall its a good experience. 

The Last Word:

Marathi movie Industry has its limitation and does not bother to produce biggies, but it instills many great thoughts at times, This movie talks about love, particularly the response and reaction of the family to this so-called relationship. My thoughts are extremely different and against what’s shown in the movie. Ravi Jadhav sets off to a great task at entertaining and giving out the message to change our perspective in our life and embrace what it is left of it and I think to a certain level, he has succeeded at its task. The movie is still running in theaters in Maharashtra and Goa and if you haven’t seen the movie, visit the nearest theater. 

I am going with 4.5/5 for the captivating touch given by Ravi Jadhav and his team.

The misadventure I want to forget


It was her lecture. She entered the class with furious scurry steps. Her one hand was full of bulky books, to refer in between, which were only used at the time of dictation and her other hand had the wide open roll call, which soon was a cause of panic for us, as she called out the numbers as per the seats allocated and started interrogating each one of us hapless fellows, about why were we not present for her lecture on so and so date and how we spent our time.
“This is foolish”, I said inaudibly. “Instead of completing the syllabus they pass the time in such matters, blaming us for the non-completion of the portion.” But my mates were also astute. They told her about how they were sick, many said, they had personal work, and most were just turning the situation upside down by making funny comments. I had no idea, for which I was laughing and passing comments on others, when the teacher uttered these words, “roll no. 63.”
I was shaken by what seemed inevitable. 63 was my roll no. In that period of commotion, I was too confused whether to stand or be seated. Two of my close friends had just told that they had to go to some government office, to collect some document, when they were bunking the lectures, enjoying freely, outside the college campus. I didn’t know what to do. I just got up, in a hasty way raised my hand and sat down. I didn’t know what to say. I parched out of words. I ran out of excuses. With a clear intention I elucidated.
“I bunked, … I bunked the lecture.” I felt nothing. Not even to flinch what I had said, as I believed it was an offense to say it on the face of the teacher, regarding her subject, in front of a fully packed class, which had a full on entertainment show to attend to.
This was just the welcome speech. I knew that the teacher would throw fiery words at me and shut me up for good. After all, she had just started, getting annoyed listening to the 62 lies and was desperate to hear some truth. Well, there I was in the right corner on the last bench.
“But I went to the library.” My friends laughed at my stubborn comment, but their faces also had the glint of, “Whoa! What’s this guy gonna say next?” The teacher looked at me with big eyes, like a woman about to punish her kid, and there was me, who had faced 17 similar situations, seemed the most tranquil in the whole class. “Why?” the teacher reacted. “I got bored so I went and set in the library.” I answered genuinely. “You attended the first two lectures? Didn’t you get bored?” Now, she was talking nonsense. “No, I didn’t bunk the first two lectures. They were good, interesting.” That was the best I could come up with.
“Who do you think you are? You cannot bunk the lectures, you cannot leave the class without the permission of the teacher.” The teacher shouted. ”Like hell I can’t. I’m in College not in KG.” Which fortunately didn’t reach the ears of the teacher. “You cannot behave anyhow in the society; can I slap my father just because I feel like slapping him? Can I slap you if I want to?” Teacher was really not in the mood of forgiving.
“That’s your decision, not mine.” Now, I too was getting carried away. But I thought, what did I do wrong? Everybody was bunking and lying over the top. I just told the truth. I was not interested in whatever she was going to say and still managed to maintain my calm and peaceful frame.
She was on the back foot now and I knew she was going to talk through me, make me feel like I’m the criminal here. This is one of those times, when you feel like you have participated in campaigning and other are playing little game called, ‘politics.’ “I’ve been noticing you, since last year until now. You are a good, sincere student. But you’re trying to change this year. I don’t know, why.” This was , .. I don’t know what that was, but I think she was looking at my hair, when said that. I had grown my hair, even had a hair band on it, to ensure that they don’t run into my eyes.
The teacher was ranting whatever came to her mind. Seeing my apathy, she turned to other students to tell her “Bhagvat Gita, like a sage giving real education to his disciples. After this was over, I realised that there wasn’t even a smidgen of anger on me. I was serene and calm as before. I was back to smiling. But one thing bothered me. I didn’t mean to offend the teacher in front of the full class.

Fukrey: A word about it- Magnificent


ImageYou would be saying, like hell it’s a magnificent movie, but I think you should see the movie first, even though it has a frail star-cast and the director who made his debut with a flop film back in 2011 with “Teen Thay Bhai”, which meandered with the flow of implying a short  career for Mrigdeep Singh Lamba. But with Fukrey, he seems to have avoided the inevitable. With a business of 37.10 crores on domestic B.O., the film has done excessively well. 

The film carries a simple story, of four friends trying to reach their destiny, but are faced with economic problem which leads them to a bandit cum gangster cum hot Richa Chadda, who agrees to their plan of getting windfall money from lottery. But it gets to another level when money is lost. They are given another chance of returning the money by selling some drugs at a random party. In a police raid their thought of selling drugs is cut out and they are flushed in a toilet. Again they return to betting on lotteries and win it this time around and Bholi Punjaban is caught. 

The story looks as simple as that the way it has been put into real is very commendable. The movie is fun filled, the joys, the romance and over all the screenplay, which ensures that the film is soared up at all the levels. Its not a great dialogue oriented screenplay, but in parts where Hunny bhai proposes Priya in the most casual way. It keeps you thinking about the magic sowed in it. 

This movie is like the remake of ’21 and over’ in terms of excitement. The important thing was that inspite of having no angel to save it i.e. Any big stardom, it did good only because of its content. Its a low budget movie of 5crores coming out and playing with big numbers.

Technically speaking, this is not great work, but Mrigdeep Singh Lamba knew how to attract the attention of the audience. 

The acting has done some great favor to take it to a higher level. The music matches up with the spirit and enthusiasm, thanks to Ram Sampath and his team. The cinematographer too has to be congratulated for doing it in slick manner. And at last when it comes to producing, Farhan Akhtar never misses. 

 This is a movie you’ll remember 2013 for. Its quite exaggerated, but, still. Compare this to any big budget Hollywood movies, and know that you’re mistaken. I mean, if you have to choose from Rush, About Time, 21 and over and Fukrey, you’ll pick the first three. But rest assured, you will keep praising it until your mouth swells. I’m going with 4/5 for this great entertainer.

The air that swings by


Remember that scene from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag? Let me remind it to you. Milkha Singh running the race for the first time, gets motivated by the prize of milk and sprints saying doodha doodha. We experienced a similar situation on our four days cycling expedition from Goa to Goa via, Amboli-Kolhapur-Belgaum. Frankly saying, our bums were more than just paining, they were swollen, our hands were tired, above all, we had the burden of bags on our shoulders. We just wanted to get abode as quickly as possible.

We embarked on a prickly journey, which upon succeeding showcased itself as an unending sea of attractive flowers. The first day started off quite smoothly. The mixture of cool fog and warm air were the only palpable things on the road. We hapless pals didn’t know that we were going to face a 17 kms steep road before reaching Amboli. When you do something different for the first time its always full of difficulties, but all we have to do is persist. Damn! Its easy to say.

The Second and the third day were most painful for me as my shoulders below the neck tried to keep up with the paining body. I tried applying Volini cream, but it didn’t seem to have much effect, instead only yelping and groaning were the one’s helping me. Anyway, that was all for the day.

The next day, we were to clear the Maharashtra border entering Belgaum Karnataka. The pain didn’t stop even after taking that painkiller. Now was the time for testing my zeal. Now was the time for that theory to be implemented. Now was the time to get my feet in the shoes of Bear Grylls. Some days ago I read a book “The Leader Who Had No Title” by Robin Sharma. “Embrace the change; do not run away from it”, it said. I thought why not change it to “embrace the pain?” And I did…

This was such an Itinerary which tests you from every aspect, not only physical but mental too. Yes! I felt at times, that this was too much for me. One mind told me to stop; the other to continue. The pain was increasing as the hours went by, I was riding, grunting was the only relief. Then a thought crossed my mind: How did Mahatma Gandhi continue even after taking the latthi charge? How did Bal Gangadhar Tilak ignite a spark of hope in people? How did Vinayak Damodar Savarkar escape the ship even after getting tormented? What about all the Indians who fought vigorously and ferociously against the injustice done with them?

The answer lies in the very same question. Embrace the pain and continue the journey, for which you’ve worked so hard. Enduring the austere conditions, and yes it can be done. Chanting the mantras of Lord Ram and cutting through the hot road will work surely. I reiterate it again, cycling is like a crucible which melts the metal to be used for any purpose.