The air that swings by

Remember that scene from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag? Let me remind it to you. Milkha Singh running the race for the first time, gets motivated by the prize of milk and sprints saying doodha doodha. We experienced a similar situation on our four days cycling expedition from Goa to Goa via, Amboli-Kolhapur-Belgaum. Frankly saying, our bums were more than just paining, they were swollen, our hands were tired, above all, we had the burden of bags on our shoulders. We just wanted to get abode as quickly as possible.

We embarked on a prickly journey, which upon succeeding showcased itself as an unending sea of attractive flowers. The first day started off quite smoothly. The mixture of cool fog and warm air were the only palpable things on the road. We hapless pals didn’t know that we were going to face a 17 kms steep road before reaching Amboli. When you do something different for the first time its always full of difficulties, but all we have to do is persist. Damn! Its easy to say.

The Second and the third day were most painful for me as my shoulders below the neck tried to keep up with the paining body. I tried applying Volini cream, but it didn’t seem to have much effect, instead only yelping and groaning were the one’s helping me. Anyway, that was all for the day.

The next day, we were to clear the Maharashtra border entering Belgaum Karnataka. The pain didn’t stop even after taking that painkiller. Now was the time for testing my zeal. Now was the time for that theory to be implemented. Now was the time to get my feet in the shoes of Bear Grylls. Some days ago I read a book “The Leader Who Had No Title” by Robin Sharma. “Embrace the change; do not run away from it”, it said. I thought why not change it to “embrace the pain?” And I did…

This was such an Itinerary which tests you from every aspect, not only physical but mental too. Yes! I felt at times, that this was too much for me. One mind told me to stop; the other to continue. The pain was increasing as the hours went by, I was riding, grunting was the only relief. Then a thought crossed my mind: How did Mahatma Gandhi continue even after taking the latthi charge? How did Bal Gangadhar Tilak ignite a spark of hope in people? How did Vinayak Damodar Savarkar escape the ship even after getting tormented? What about all the Indians who fought vigorously and ferociously against the injustice done with them?

The answer lies in the very same question. Embrace the pain and continue the journey, for which you’ve worked so hard. Enduring the austere conditions, and yes it can be done. Chanting the mantras of Lord Ram and cutting through the hot road will work surely. I reiterate it again, cycling is like a crucible which melts the metal to be used for any purpose.


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