Fukrey: A word about it- Magnificent

ImageYou would be saying, like hell it’s a magnificent movie, but I think you should see the movie first, even though it has a frail star-cast and the director who made his debut with a flop film back in 2011 with “Teen Thay Bhai”, which meandered with the flow of implying a short  career for Mrigdeep Singh Lamba. But with Fukrey, he seems to have avoided the inevitable. With a business of 37.10 crores on domestic B.O., the film has done excessively well. 

The film carries a simple story, of four friends trying to reach their destiny, but are faced with economic problem which leads them to a bandit cum gangster cum hot Richa Chadda, who agrees to their plan of getting windfall money from lottery. But it gets to another level when money is lost. They are given another chance of returning the money by selling some drugs at a random party. In a police raid their thought of selling drugs is cut out and they are flushed in a toilet. Again they return to betting on lotteries and win it this time around and Bholi Punjaban is caught. 

The story looks as simple as that the way it has been put into real is very commendable. The movie is fun filled, the joys, the romance and over all the screenplay, which ensures that the film is soared up at all the levels. Its not a great dialogue oriented screenplay, but in parts where Hunny bhai proposes Priya in the most casual way. It keeps you thinking about the magic sowed in it. 

This movie is like the remake of ’21 and over’ in terms of excitement. The important thing was that inspite of having no angel to save it i.e. Any big stardom, it did good only because of its content. Its a low budget movie of 5crores coming out and playing with big numbers.

Technically speaking, this is not great work, but Mrigdeep Singh Lamba knew how to attract the attention of the audience. 

The acting has done some great favor to take it to a higher level. The music matches up with the spirit and enthusiasm, thanks to Ram Sampath and his team. The cinematographer too has to be congratulated for doing it in slick manner. And at last when it comes to producing, Farhan Akhtar never misses. 

 This is a movie you’ll remember 2013 for. Its quite exaggerated, but, still. Compare this to any big budget Hollywood movies, and know that you’re mistaken. I mean, if you have to choose from Rush, About Time, 21 and over and Fukrey, you’ll pick the first three. But rest assured, you will keep praising it until your mouth swells. I’m going with 4/5 for this great entertainer.


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