Time Pass: A take on love and typical Indian families

Image Well? What do you expect from such a title? A boy and a girl falling in love, some spicy dialogues suiting the situation creating an environment for perfect laughter, full of emotions, as it is an Indian movie, some over the top hugs and kisses and then a much awaited  break up would do just fine, with an incoherent script and twists which do not even weave the story into a great film. Let me assure you, if you think of Time Pass as such a pathetic movie, because it’s not. 

Do you remember of how you felt, when you saw ‘Leon The Professional’, which was released in1994? Its the exact ecstatic feeling with a  little less consistency. Luc Besson needed just the right movie to make his name. In this case, Ravi Jadhav seems to have quite everything in his control. How often do we come across a director with his every film hitting the ‘Hit’ rank? 

The story in its pristine colors, surrounds over the cliche topic of love, which has tethered every film maker and connected to the latter in every possible way. A teenage boy’s gaze falls on a smart girl, and falls for her. The movie focuses on the struggles and difficultis they have to go through to prove their love, will their love succeed? To find out wait for the sequel. 

Direction, screenplay and soundtrack:

Ravi Jadhav with his predecessors always took on something which would even indoctrinate, appended with entertainment. His movies like Natarang, Balgandharva and Balak Palak were the quintessential examples of his profound work. He just seems to elevate with his every project and now, Time Pass.He has soared to extensive limits. As a screenplay-writer he has profusely entertained the audience. The music, nevertheless seems a great task, but tracks like ‘Mala Veed Lagale’ doesn’t match, rather brings out the difference between the actors and singers. Apart from these flaws, its a album to really enjoy. 

Star Performances & Cinematography:

Having a young star-cast and working with it, allowing the audience to smoothly connect with the film is always a task to sweat for. But Prathamesh Parab and Ketaki Mategaonkar have given copious reasons to watch for. They have cleverly done fair bit of acting keeping watchers astonishing. The countenance of Parthamesh as Dagdu is sometimes creepy. But they are still in the initial period of their career. Cinematography is not opulently used, at time it is tacky but overall its a good experience. 

The Last Word:

Marathi movie Industry has its limitation and does not bother to produce biggies, but it instills many great thoughts at times, This movie talks about love, particularly the response and reaction of the family to this so-called relationship. My thoughts are extremely different and against what’s shown in the movie. Ravi Jadhav sets off to a great task at entertaining and giving out the message to change our perspective in our life and embrace what it is left of it and I think to a certain level, he has succeeded at its task. The movie is still running in theaters in Maharashtra and Goa and if you haven’t seen the movie, visit the nearest theater. 

I am going with 4.5/5 for the captivating touch given by Ravi Jadhav and his team.


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