Jai Ho: Review

ImageSalman Khan! The profit making brand of India. Any film with his name in its credits is bound to earn big shot collection from Box Office . The secret ingredient in his movies is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Right from Wanted, Dabangg, Bodygaurd to Jai Ho, its been the action and the dialogues. The fortunate enough actor to get consistently funny dialogues. 

Story & Screenplay:

Salman’s movies do not have to do anything with story, except this one is better than most of his other movies in terms of story. As expected, Jai (Salman) the savior of all, is shown helping the amputees, showing pity towards poor and helping people around him, gets involved with people he shouldn’t. There’s no story as such, but the only salient and accentuate message is that, the movie focuses on is ‘The Rise Of Aam Aadmi.’ Speaking about the Screenplay and dialogues, Salman has always been lucky getting evangelical writers all the time to set his full of valor and ferocious character right on. 

Star Performances:

Salman Khan’s Jai outlines the profile of a vigorous and invigorating man, but is not  enthralling enough, though as always he has been the emanation of entertainment. In spite of all that, watching him in an emotional scene is very brooding and fiddling.

Daisy Shah as pinky (the pet name) is flamboyant and is a real ecstasy to watch her move on dance steps, but is stereotypical to some extent and hassling. 

Danny Denzongpa is very petrifying in his act, sharing small space with SK, Daisy and beautiful Sana Khan. He is ties the viewers to his hands when he comes off even with miniature of his brilliance. 

The little boy who rocked the theater with his magnificent dialogue delivery, sheer talent of presence of mind and quintessentially, used with Salman Khan after his captivating acts in Raanjhanaa and Bombay Talkies.

Direction, Cinematography, Music & Choreography:

Sohail Khan strives to maintain the warmth and goodness in the film. When Salman gets an action movie, an amalgamation of Dabangg Police and bad-ass fighter, its an implied rule to take off his shirt and impress young girls, beating ones who try to harm his family in any way, and showing off with attractive dialogues. Which, I think wouldn’t be hard to direct, as the same cheesy situation has to be presented in as impromptu manner as possible. Cinematography is tacky at moments, the first half is shot way better than the latter one. Music is unbearable and misses the spontaneity and originality being similar with the music album of Dabangg and its sequel. Only two songs i.e. Baaki Sab First Class Hai and Naacho re, were profound and complete, and Daisy Shah dancing with the tune on beats was a real treat

The Final Word:

The ubiquitous and cliche stories constitute formulaic secret to SK’s success. He is ‘The Midas’ and is a lively example of an entertainer and the overused dialogue and thought of helping 3 people instead of saying thank you, comes off much creepier,If you think just because of SK, its a family entertainer and entering the theater with same thought would be silly, as for the cheap jokes about neighbor MILF and woman’s panties, and of course the ferocious action. Elucidating the point that it was spell-bound by roars of SK, but also drastic and dreadful in ways, I’m going with 2.5/5


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