A Promising look of Transcendence

ImageReasons why you should watch ‪#‎Transcendence‬ in theater:
1. A sturdy starcast and some big names associated with the film: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, Paul Bettany & Cillian Murphy.
2. Wally Pfister’s debut film as a director after assisting Christopher Nolanin 7 films as Cinematographer as well as in films like Moneyball, The Italian Job and many other hits from 1990’s.
3. An amazing concept and story developed by Jack Paglen.
4. Some exceedingly prodigical credits of Producers like Broderick Johnson, Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, David Valdes have funded the film.
5. Music is composed by Mychael Danna,who by his virtuoso has been Oscar Winner for Music writing for Life of Pi and on many other occasions and has composed for more the 90 titles. 
Image6. Cinematography is done by Jess Hall who happens to have a tidbit of experience in the field. He is famous for Hot Buzz, The Spectacular Now, The Switch,etc. 
7. The film is expected to be packed with well developed Visual effects, the background score and Cinematography is expected to high on effect and will be emanation of fun and amusement. 
8. Hollywood Sci-fi action thrillers hardly let you down.

9.It’s definitely gonna be better than other releases (2 States, The Backbenchers) on this Friday, 18t h April 2014.

Here’s the link of the trailer:


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