Transcendence Review: A good concept with an archetypal execution

ImageBeing a Johnny Depp movie, you expect some magic from him to amuse you. The film has got enough plus points to make it intriguing enough for the audience, but its just a matter of lack of profoundness which does not work in favor of it. 

Dr. Will Caster dies after getting shot, but his mind nevertheless is conscious and is connected to the hard drives (transcendence) which downloads colossal amount of information and helps Dr. Evelyn Caster in ways to develop and expand the use of nanotechnology only to create its own army. People against this invention put up a fight as a way to shut it down, but are unable to do so. Will they be able to put an end to this cyclone of frenetic energy exuded by the Transcendence?

Story & Direction:

There isn’t much of a story in Transcendence to tell, rather they haven’t worked on it much. It continuously gave a vibe like it was impromptu. Jack Paglen in his debut hasn’t done something of a remark. He along with the debutant director Wally Pfister paint a very concise & intriguing world and revive the story through fascinating things like healing though nana technology, but it lacks in taking it to a new level through its details.

The direction to be precise, has been an average play from a better player. Wally Pfister is capable of far better than this. But there wasn’t much he could have done to uplift the level of the film.

Star Performances:

First of all, its just thoroughly entertaining to watch any of Johnny Depp’s movie. The complexion, the body language, the dialogue delivery, he just gets it right. There is a creed that every film Johnny stars in is worth watching. He once again succeeds in giving a sturdy performance.

Rebecca Hall has played a very similar character that of in Iron Man 3. She has supported Johnny to elevate to the next level. She is exuberant throughout the movie and fun to watch.

Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy & Paul Bettany even though sharing small screen space play their part adroitly and astutely.


The only key element that keeps you tethered to you seats besides acting is Cinematography. Jess Hall has virtually garnered & tied pieces of this movie into one by making picturesque description of it on screen. Some shots mostly at the very end are so delicate and subtle to commensurate to some other film.

The Final Word:

This is a bright and astoundingly good concept, which is not put forth in the best of methods, but acting of Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall and other transcend the film. These goodies cover the gaffes. It’s not highly recommended because of its ineffective execution. I’m going with 3/5


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