Godzilla Review: The time when Gojira becomes Godzilla

They say, when humans over-exploit the earth’s resources, the nature acts in malevolent ways. This is exactly what has been featured in this film: Of tremendous destruction, with the utmost use of graphics & VFX has pioneered this movie into one of the  dandiest. Though this is just another effort to deliver a commercial movie, Gareth Edwards & his crew strives to turn it into a thorough thriller.

ImageIn 1999, Daisuke Serizawa and Vivienne Graham (Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins) come across a colossal skeleton and two chrysalis-shaped pods, with one egg hatched. Shortly afterwards, the Janjira Nuclear plant in Japan suffers a destruction wrongly taken for an earthquake, in which wife of a nuclear technician Joe Brody (Brian Cranston) gets killed. In his theory of conspiracy, Joe gets his life in danger, when his Son Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) bails him out. They soon find out that in  place of that plant, a large chrysalis has appeared. It hatches an unidentified flying creature called MUTO which brings about catastrophic destruction. How will it enrage the Godzilla? What will be the consequences of those incidents?

Direction & Screenplay:

Gareth Edwards has recreated and rejuvenated the ‘terrifying force of nature’ by retelling the story of Godzilla in an enthralling manner. He has made the utmost use of story & screenplay writers, Dave Callaham & Max Borenstein. Important thing to take up from this film is that he has understood the role of every tidbit in this marvel. He leaves the audience baffled with that ghastly & frenetic monster on the screen.

This is just a repetition of the story from Godzilla (1954). But never has been felt like a remake of another movie. The screenplay elucidates the sequence of devastating destruction & Godzilla’s pragmatic fit in it. It has written perfectly considering a superior place for that violent monster.

Star Performances:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson places himself above all with his manly performance. His robust character is the key to endure this apocalypse. He thoroughly curbs the film from digressing from its former story.

Ken Watanabe has always astonished his viewers, though he he would have elevated if he had gotten a bigger screen space.

Sally Hawkins & Bryan Cranston too are terrific with their skills and complexions do their part sharing less screen space.


The key which elevates this film is its Cinematography, clean, clear and so enriched in its every bit. Seamus McGarvey does a fabulous task to exude a picturesque sequence of scenes. The VFX & graphics go hand in hand to put up a real-to-the-eyes Godzilla.

The Final Word:

Over the years, many times it has been the Cinematography, visual effects and graphics to ensure the film’s success than its story. It satisfies & restores the fire-breathing glory of the franchise. If you’re to walk out of the theater after getting hooked to this monster ‘Godzilla’, I suggest you watch it in 3D. I’m going with 3.5/5 with this play of camera.




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