Action Jackson Movie Review:

Director: Prabhudeva

Actors:Ajay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam, Kunaal Roy Kapoor and Manasvi Mamgai

Watch it or not: Sure, if you want this to be the last movie you watch.

Direction, Story and Screenplay:

A man with the name ‘Prabhudeva’ which means ‘God God’ is not expected to exude a tacky projection. This movie adds up to the list of many pathetic films he has directed. A good dancer wasting his talent on such formulaic films is kind of a bummer. There is no originality appended to this work. The story is in its pristine form picked up from every other commercial movie we watch, but they have amplified it with a don, two look a likes (double role of Ajay Devgan) and a wife who doesn’t die even after getting bashed in the face, beaten up and penetrated with a knife. It’s a total ruckus and you find it difficult to make any sense of it because there is none. If anything, I think the screenplay has lifted the boat a little, but fails to make an impact. It’s a raw film which feels pretty impromptu.

Cinematography, Music and Choreography:

One just cannot watch a film which has been shot South Indian style. The different camera angles, the strange way the camera goes in and we are left to sit and watch the tacky work, it doesn’t blend in. In music section, Himesh Reshammiya crooning in his own twisted manner gives out quite bad vibe. It feels like some of the tracks have been placed forcefully, which seems inconsequential. Talking about Choreography, when Ajay Devgan dances there’s little left for the the choreographer and for the viewers. Albeit, both the choreographers have done a great job covering the gaffe and to bring out the goody.


Ajay Devgan in the shoes of AJ is sturdy, robust and fervent; but one can’t make out the difference between both his roles as ‘AJ’ and ‘Vishi’, maybe as a result of not building up of both the characters. Ajay Devgan isn’t as subtle as felt in the trailer.

Sonakshi Sinha is probably the light giving element in this film. She in part, fills the void of Ajay not dancing as skillfully as she does. Her countenance is the elixir to make this film watchable.

Yami Gautam, Kunaal Roy Kapoor and Manasvi Mamgai don’t share much screen space but play their part nicely.

The Final Word:

There are films like Queen and Interstellar and then, there are films like Happy New Year and Action Jackson; and you’re left to ponder about the idea whether to live to admire another day. It’s not the worst movie made but, you can’t really have a deja-vu moment and say it’s a good one. There’s no scope left for you to be amused and be captivated at the idea of it. For those who suffer from amnesia, I think AJ will blend in quite nicely.

My rating: 1/5.


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