Prem (Love) At First Sight Movie Review: Another stereotypical film.


Goa and Goan films are always something of a kind and love at first sight in Goa would always be memorable to the people who experience it. But when it comes to demonstrating it on the big screen, it has to be spellbinding. Romance is one aspect, which has been mastered by the filmmakers over the years since inception of films and imagine what a good, sturdy storyline could mean for the success of a film.

You can watch the trailer right here:

Talking about the film, it’s a formulaic action-drama-romantic film, which depicts the the story of Aditya (Sumaydh Gaikwad), who falls in love at first sight, with a Goan girl, Sai (Shweta Pagar) and with the help of four friends he rekindles his love. Oh wait, there’s a catch! Armaanji which is played by the actor and producer Uday Salkar, tries to demolish the orphanage where Sai and her friend works and wants to build a tower. Complications lead to the marriage proposal to marry Sai on the condition of obliterating the orphanage if she doesn’t marry Armaanji’s son (Aryan Khedekar). Amidst this, there’s love, hate, revenge, politics, conspiracy, unbridled emotions, commotion and what not. And you know who gets the girl.
The creative direction by Santosh Mainkar seems plausible considering the pace of the storyline. Albeit, there’s isn’t much to hold on to, other than the perky mood of the film. 
There are a few moments where, every detail in the film is the prophecy of the viewer. The script doesn’t offer any options for the director and the actors to drop something in the nest, but the young talent like that of Kevin Demello is entertaining to watch. The protagonist Sumaydh Gaikwad and the leading actress Shweta Pagar are a joy to watch. Suchet Gavai, Satish Gavas,Vishwajit Phadte and Rajesh Karekar with his long hair offer their best. Samiksha Desai and Aryan Khedekar are the two Goan actors to watch for in the movie.
The lyrics by Anand Tari are worthy of appreciation. Cinematography, despite using good locations wasn’t much attractive and picturesque. The camera work seemed a little tacky. 
The Final Word:
Though the film is set in Goa, a place of ostentatious looks, the film fails miserably to conquer the mind of a viewer, ensued because of the lack of depth in story. With over the top reactions and emotions, shot like a slow paced Indian Soap Opera, is just another sign of the film being mediocre. But to save the light of the day, Aryan Khedekar once again after “Home Sweet Home”, strives hard to alleviate the tedious blow. So if you’re a Goan film enthusiast, watch it for Aryan Khedekar’s buoyant performance. I’m going with 2/5.