Manjhi: The Mountain Man Movie Review: Love till infinity

What is love? How profound is its meaning? What is its power?
Anything and everything is achievable through love. An Indian living in a rural world, submerged in his own worries, his own perils to survive, to share a meal with his wife and kids twice a day is more than to ask for. And while we enjoy in our room, reclining in our seat, experiencing the cool air from the air conditioner, we disapprove of the men (& women) working outside, in the scorching heat. Their kids lying in the dirt, mothers preparing food which is no more than a smidgen of bread. And they do that with all the serene and calm profile. May be, all that is expected from us is to express gratitude.

You can watch the trailer right here:

thA man with handheld tools tries to bring down a mountain. Set against all odds, Dasharath Manjhi (Nawazuddin) makes it his lifes mission, when his wife slips off of the escarpment of the mountain. Issues of inequality and inferiorness as for the colour of the skin and manipulation by landlords is also to be seen.

An actor has to leave his skin and climb into another. Nawaz is seen doing that exact same thing with his peculiar but vital complexion. After a moment in the movie, a tension initiates and Nawaz revives narrative back to life.

With what little she has to hypnotise with Radhika provokes all the emotions. With Dashrath’s flashbacks, she is seen donning Phaguniya and she’s damn good with what she has to offer.

As for Tigmanshu Dhulia (Landlord), Gaurav Dwivedi (Reporter) and Pankaj Tripathi (Junior Landlord), they are only in the screen to keep the story intact.

The story is inspired from real life of Dasharath Manjhi, which in itself is a pique, in its height for inspiraton. All is good and well, but the screenplay demands for more as mostly everything is aloof. For no apparant reason is Dasharath’s story told in an intricate way than necessary, that it acts as if a cobweb. Its no better for the movie as the accounts are shown in a frail way. All the more to add to director Ketan Mehta’s belt, is a disappointment as far as his end of the square is concerned. For the lack of a better word, with the ‘best cast’ he’s got, it would not be frivolous to say his magic hasn’t worked.

The Final Word:

It is obvious to point out that, Nawazuddin comes to save the glory, despite having a sturdy and more than a ‘working’ story. Regardless to say, if you believe in the power of true love, you’ll digest more than just the fact that, only Shah Jahan could love his wife. With no penny in his pocket Manjhi sculpted a road in a mountain. Albeit this is a biography with an average screenplay, you feel the heat, when the moment’s right, you feel deep emotions when Nawazuddin reiterates Dasharath’s life book. A 3.5/5 for Manjhi: The Movie and 5/5 for Manjhi: The Mountain Man.


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