Phantom Movie Review:

After Selfie, it’s time for Jalebi girl to allure you. After a succesful venture with Salman, director Kabir Khan moves to Phantom. And with phantom, comes a ghost, who pretty much sits idle in the corner of the screen for the whole film. Director has secretly sold fray content, albeit the novel written by S. Hussain Zaidi named “Mumbai Avengers” should be exuberant.

Saif-katrina-Phantom-Movie-Official-HD-Images-Photos-Pics-wallpapers-PosterThe whole focus of the story is on retaliation as a result of 26/11 attacks on Bombay’s Taj Hotel. A man with no cobwebs  is chosen for a covert mission to obliterate everyone who was involved in those attacks and to ratify Pakistan that India is not going to keep it to itself but fend in for the country.

Watch the trailer right here:

Based on the novel, the story has been picked up and the story is quite appreciable. But the moment it descends on to the screen, it becomes a bland film. There’s very little that can be criticised about the story, too way many things about the screenplay. There are little details that need to be explored properly. Like when in the initial half, just before the gas leak scene, is not written properly. A spy does not wear gloves while going through the stuff in the house of a terrorist. He is literally leaving his prints for the Pakistani to check out. The fact that he blows off the house does not matter much. A few more scenes look like they could have used that bit of a work up. Though one section where, Daniel (Saif) plans his kill in the prison, pumps up more blood and raises your heart beat. We have seen more realistic and thrilling missions in Mission Impossible, but Saif crawling his way to the prison shower, deceiving the cctv camera’s is not to be forgotten.

Kabir Khan’s directorial fails to a certain level  and after engaging in a film like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the stakes are high and the expectations grow, but Phantom neither touches the heart nor the brain. Being said that he manages to keep the film to little more than two hours, which doesn’t seem like eternity.

Saif Ali Khan as an actor has lost that glimmer he had when starred in movies like Kal Ho Na Ho. There used to be a kind of zing in his acting. But otherwise, he gives an average performance.

Katrina Kaif’s looks can be very deceiving. She looks ravishing, but her acting leaves no impact. What she can do as a model is unimaginable, though the same cannot be said in regards to her acting. She can be called as a bimbet as far as her acting is concerned. She comes off very plane and sombre.

Other than these actors there isn’t much screen space left for anyone else. But Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is a delight to watch.

The Final Word:

Kabir Khan wanders into this impenetrable region (because of it’s boldness, controversial theme) where he touches the sensitive topic of 26/11. Release of the number of movies with similar concepts  has increased since 2010. So Phantom doesn’t come out with a totally new story, but if you’re a fan of action-thrillers you can always enjoy such cinema.

To put it in a phrase, this film is a “more talk no show” kind of piece. Personally, I believe such topics can be covered over a wide gamut through documentaries. It is not the best film, but is way better than Ek Tha Tiger.

I’d only go as far as 2.5/5 for Phantom.


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