The Transporter Refueled Movie Review:

Do you know who the biggest con man is? Well, there are 3, so, make room; the writers of The Transporter Refueled. Co-writing this extravagant movie wouldn’t have been an easy task, but a very easy one for them, led by the talented auteur Luc Besson, who once created the glimmer of the day, Leon: The professional. With this new installment of The Transporter, it seems like the potency has crawled out the story and settled somewhere else.


I could swear that before initiating the pre-production, the writing team watched the predecessors at least a couple of times. Oh! Wait, they didn’t have to. They had Luc Besson. The Trasnporter like in the earlier movies is an ex-special ops mercenary turned a taxi driver, who likes to blow off cars with Audi’s logos. Seriously, think about it. He doesn’t even make that much money out of driving around parcels. Anyway, he gets a call, to get parcels to a certain place. That doesn’t work, so his father is held captive as means of motivation. The parcels reach the destination. Now for further motivation, he’s told his father had been drugged through his drink. To get the antidote, he has to help the girls who are retaliating against a Russian kingpin, who also happens to be his ex-employer. So long story short, the transporter helps the girls finish off the organization and take their revenge.

Now, throw in some copious action, good camera angles and the rest will be done by the background music. The direction will be commensurate with the story and the screenplay. The dialogues and conversations keep up with the excitement and the energy. They could have explored everywhere and not find another one like Jason Statham.

The Final Word:

The Transporter Refueled is a very eventful movie, but they should’ve named it something like The Transporter Recopied. This is the highest form of plagiarism, with the most fancy and a highly ostentatious wrapper, enveloped around it. Though I like the cover, the movie doesn’t have anything to offer other then those extragavant fight scenes and cars flying around like wings have popped out through their doors, which eventually don’t work.

As for the story quotient, its a robbed house. And if you’re thinking of which movie to watch, I’d rather suggest Tu Hi Re (A Marathi cliché) or Welcome Back (A Bollywood cliché). If you’re interested in action-thrillers, The Transporter Refueled will do just fine.

My Rating 3/5.

You can watch the trailer right here, cause you know, watching movie can be tough sometimes.


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