Talvar Movie Review: The story will leave you devastated.

It’s been little more than seven years, that the twin murder of Aarushi and Hemraj have drifted from the CBI getting one lead to another and then to being bogged down on several dead ends. With absolutely no evidence, the parents, Rajesh and Nupur Talwar being convicted of these murders under the tags of ‘honour killings’, stay in detention since 2013. The case would’ve been solved long ago, but the skillful work of the Delhi police, in garnering and containing the evidence, along with various labs storing them, managed to let the case run only on the hypothesis of CBI. Not that CBI was very dutiful in its task, but they successfully landed the charges on the parents rather than finding the murder on the loose.


I have been following the events of the Aarushi murder, also with the help of a book (not completed reading) with the name of the girl who was murdered in her sleep. Written by the reporter, Avirook Sen, the book mainly shows how the parents were innocent of committing the crime but it also had the mindset of a person, who would likely write something biased. After all, had spent two and half years covering the investigation. As much as I was convinced that Rajesh and Nupur couldn’t imagine doing it, the book also hinted Avirook Sen pressing on how the police and CBI personnel wanted to close off the case rather than finding the killer.

If you’re just checking it out for the first time click here for trailer:

Talking about the movie, Meghna Gulzar had to deliver a notable film for one of the uncanny case/sensation of India, with Vishal Bhardwaj’s retelling to its effect. To begin with, a whole lot of characters were altered/deleted and a case was designed such a way so as to show Ashwin Kumar (Irrfan Khan) as the savior. Needless to say, Ashwin, with his orthodox manner of getting the information out of suspects couldn’t save them from going to prison. The intention of the story was not to show a happy ending, but to get the audience to think about what’s going to happen next? Particularly, if the system doesn’t change. It was kind of like Prakash Jha’s movies. The screenplay did get a little messy, with many intricacies. For a typical Bollywood viewer, some of it might go over his head.

Konkana Sen Sharma was outstanding as the mother of Shruti (name changed from Aarushi). She was at her best while the scenes cut when Shruti’s body was taken into the vehicle for post mortem. Again, while the CBI worked out many theories of how the parents were the murders, in one of the hypothesis, she said, “Chal ab acting karni hai”(Let’s go, now we have to put on an act). The manner in which she exuded the characters of a loving mother and on the other hand a psychopath was frenetic and intimidating at times.

Irrfan Khan wasn’t the best as Ashwin Kumar, but was one of the attractions.  Among others, there were Neeraj Kabi, who was convincing enough as a doting father, Shishir Sharma, Gajraj Rao, Prakash Belawadi, Sumit Gulati, Tabu & Atul Kumar, who maintained the flow and kept the level in sync with what they had been expected.


The Final Word:

This film is not only a take on the most enigmatic case in the history of India but also acts as a  reminder to us that even with the best of resources available in hand, anything could go wrong with the current caliber of system. A need for better system, always craves in our minds. If you’re free this week and want to follow up to “what happened to Aarushi”, watch this movie. Otherwise, a man is awaiting a probe to pick him off of the martian lands, in other screens.

My Rating: 3.5/5.


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