Rudrama Devi Movie Review: Other than Anushka Shetty’s galvanizing performance, the film fails to cheer up.

Have you seen Tees Maar Khan? If you have, then you must remember the things Akshay Kumar pulled off in it. My point is, as was Akshay Kumar unaware of predicting the story of the movie he was shooting in the movie Tees Maar Khar, so was Gunasekhar, the director and writer of this movie. With so much pre-production, effort worth appreciating and the story of Rudrama Devi, which is borrowed from the actual ruler of Kakatiya, it’s a shame that this film didn’t put forth the best of the content.anushka-rudrama-devi-movie-regal-look-posters_142008756410

As much as I could read about Rudhrama Devi, the story of this film has bits and pieces of her life in it. A female child is born to Ganapatideva, the ruler of Kakatiya. But considering the precarious condition of the dynasty and consistent attacks from other empires, King Ganapatideva announces the child as a male prodigy to the eyes of his citizens. The people know her as Rudradeva, who defies all limitations thought to bring down a galloping woman. She manages the empire and overcomes many hassles. There are a few side characters and sub-plots appended to the film. As a result of which, the story and the screenplay lengthens. The story as it goes, is above average, but the dialogues were the one’s which really sucked the ambience out of the film.

Director Gunasekhar must have thought, a film with abundant war scenes could not fail. The last segment when the war breaks, there are a few army formations having a resemblance to this year’s war themed film Baahubali. But the major difference between these films was Rudrama Devi didn’t exude any realistic or logical formation. They are the most ludicrous formations I’ve ever seen and 3D made it worse. Of course, I didn’t go for a 3D show, but I can see what went wrong there. The thing is, apparentely you cannot produce a better film with hokum. It tried very hard to protrude the ubiquitous level fround in films in India. Another setback was, over a couple of times, a cartoon clip just slipped right in front of the screen, which was very irritating and ratified the limitations of showing those scenes through actual humans. And if there was no other flaw, this movie had songs. I don’t get the idea of showing those dances if they are not going to choreograph it coherently.This was such an experience, when we go for the gathering of a school and children of 10 dance and we laugh seeing them do cute little things.


Rudrama Devi is portrayed by Anushka Shetty and she is very dazzling with a prince’s armour. She is fierce and exhuberant when Rudradeva & beautiful, coquetry and ravishing when Rudrama Devi. Her acting is very soothing and is the only reason why this film should be seen. With So much focus on Rudrama Devi, the other actors like Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati,Nithya Menen, Vikramjeet Virk and Prakash Raj. Though most of them perform well, Rana Daggubati, Nithya Menen and Prakash Raj stand out.

The Final Word:

With this film going on floors four months before Baahubali, the storyline taken from the life of an empress, with a colossal budget and a sturdy starcast, Rudrama Devi as a film is really crappy. Right from dialogues to action scenes, it all looks like there was a rope tied to the person.The war and the cheap level of animation will seem like you’re playing kochadaiyaan on your mobile phone. This is an ingenuine and impromptu effort despite the surprising performance from Anushka Shetty and couple others. If you have to, watch it for Anushka Shetty.

My rating: 2/5. 

Rudrama Devi Trailer


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