Shaandaar Movie Review: A witty take on the women empowerment issue

A leap from Chillar Party to the elegant & thought provoking Queen, comes a movie directed by Vikas Bahl with another message. With his reputation and knack for producing films showing a different perspective to the ubiquitous issues, the hopes were too high for this new Rom-Com. Bringing a new romantic story to Bollywood is as difficult as making money from a Sci-Fi film (In Bollywood). Vikas always comes with a new crisp and he has outperformed himself every time. His Chillar Party was one of the few movies for children, which was actually suitable for the child’s eye. A spark of zest could be seen in every child actor. Then came the delirious Queen, who was equally funny, curious and inspirational. But with Shaandaar, the story cannot commensurate the novelty of his previous work. Nevertheless, it is “Shaandaar”.

Shaandaar-Poster (1)

The trio of Pankaj Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and the debutant Sanah, together conjure magic. And then there’s “Aila,” I mean, Alia Bhat. She’ll blend in with any actor and protrude everyone. Since her first film, she has burst into with quite the talent. Vikas has kept the screenplay overwhelmed with the entertainment quotient. A few dialogues between Pankaj and Shahid immerse you into the film. Over all, the writing unit impresses the brain.

With the duties of arranging the marriage of Isha (Sanah); the head of the family Mummiji (Sushma Seth), the lady Hitler, sets a business deal with a rich family. JJ- Jagjinder Joginder (Shahid Kapoor), the wedding planner falls in love with Aila Alia (Alia Bhat). The story moves around till the day of wedding. What happens during those 2 hours is humor and brain. But the key to the whole script was, it did not digress from the actual message, keeping in check with the comedy.


The Final Word:

It is implied from this point of time, that when Vikas directs a film, it is going to be a good one. But keeping that in mind, Shaandaar is average when compared to his earlier films. If you’re looking for good actors, dialogues, a story with a subtle message, go buy yourself a ticket of Shaandaar. And another mention goes to the spellbinding narration. Digs on that, like totally (Watch the movie to understand this).

My rating: – 3.5/5.


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