About Me

A Student, book & movie lover & Interested in philosophy and psychology.

I also indulge myself with reading novels. I like bit of Mythology, Historical, Philosophy, Classics, Fiction, few Non-Fiction, Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Thriller and have started to like dystopia and YA.

My other interests lie in Cycling, Watching movies & T.V. Series.

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3 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Hi All,

    Iam Nalini , I have read our epics like ramayana, Bhagvathgeetha. I cannot take some one just writing and enacting there wish by giving it an epic’s name.

    I have been following Siya ke Ram…Though the idea of presenting Ramayana through Sita’s point of view is good. But the writer and producer have no right to play with the actual story line. There are several instances which are shown are in correct. If the production house wants to guide the youngsters to Our history then please please do it in right way.
    The more annoying aspect is the title card shown on 15 dec ..where Rama and sita are shown as a love couple as others couples of routine love stories. Please do not spoil images of our idols in our youngsters eyes.
    There is one instances that shows Ram and sita met before sita swayamvar which is not true. Ram fighting Subhahu and marich is also incorrect. If the production house follows Tulsi das Sri Ramcharit manasa.. Please read thoroughly as these instances come only when BrahmaRishi Vishwamitra takes Sri Rama and Lakshmana with him. Kindly guide the new India with the actual Ramayana as the epic Ramayana shows how to lead life.

    If you want to shown it as a love story then please remove the title and do not show it as “ramayana through Sita’s eyes”…
    Ramayana is not a love story it is the journey of life on the path of truthfulness, dedication, affection, adhering to family values.

    Please correct the story and do not mis lead the youth.

    • @NaliniVangipuram, your views resemble mine. And I’m glad that at least a small percentage of the youth of India is eager to wipe out the apocryphal stories told by the filmmakers and fiction writers.

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