My Story

Hey folks, I’m Suraj and my abode is in Goa.
Well, I’m 20. When I was a little boy, I used to devour any book I got my hands on, most of those were historical and mythological. I was one of those fortunate people who got their doctrines from their mother. My mother taught History and English to us in the initial years of secondary enducation.
There, I developed a craving for history and mythology.
I seemed to have lost my reading habit, until few years ago, but I never lost my interest in books.
Another thing I’m very much proud of is cycling. I have an experience of few expeditions under my belt.
I haven’t read much books so I haven’t got a list of favourite authors brimming with people. But yes there’s Amish Tripathi and Robin Sharma, and I’m sure the list will get bigger and better with days to come.
I don’t try to read only a particular genre of books. I like versatility. But if I’ve to mention, then they’d be some of the genre’s mentioned above. I write reviews of both, movies and books and other articles are just some doodles.
And I’m currently finishing up on To Kill a Mockingbird The Cuckoo’s Calling (Cormoran Strike, #1) by Robert Galbraith will start with The Cuckoo’s Calling To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee soon. I’ve also got a madness to collect books, and right now there’s no place to keep’em.
Arthur Luther said,
“Do not believe everything you hear,
do not do all you desire to do,
do not tell all you know,
do not use all you have,
do not buy everything you see,
then you’ll be happy.”

Great lines; they just hit me! Just thought to mention them.
So anyways, I hope to have loads of fun. Cheers!


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