Te3n Movie Review:


Can you relate yourself when I tell you someone is playing bang-bang and then, at first, all the blood rushing through their body, all that effort being rewarded for and all of a sudden they realise exuding less force within? Well, that’s exactly how this movie was, but get out of the earlier context.

A case of kidnapping, a troubled grandfather with the determination of finding the kidnapper follows a trail till he meets the convicted.

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The movie starts off in the present and the scenes from the past are revealed with great directorial care. The likes of Bijesh Jayarajan of ‘Yudh’ fame and Suresh Nair meant a complete package of thrill and mystery. Following Kahaani’s huge success in screenplay, this film too had the same enigma following around.

Directing was of the top notch, may be a par better than the writing considering the figment of imagination put forth by the story writers. The first half was the epitome of graceful and refined conglomeration of directing and cinematography.

When I think of Amitabh Bachchan, all I can perceive is simplicity; elegant simplicity. Age is no bar for this great actor. He makes each expression his own feeling.

Talking about simplicity and great acting, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vidya Balan are not far behind. Nawaz’s acute and sharp performance coupled with Balan’s captivating act take away any second thoughts you’re having about watching this film.

Suffice it to say that this movie has all it’s bearings in place. But an archetypal trend in the last four years of Bollywood films makes it all, a little déjà vu. I was constantly thinking of Jazbaa, which is, on so many levels, an alike movie. Another movie would be Wazir, which was released earlier this year, exhibited a very similar framework of the story and the twists in this movie were almost as if pried off from Wazir.

maxresdefaultThe Last Word:

Inspite of all of the above going on, I’m pleased with the film, not so with the climax. Having said that, strong and compelling performances of the three musketeers, a great host of background music, along with nail biting mystery makes this film a good finish.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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shAMITABH Review: When everything gets right.


Ishq e phillum, junoon e phillum
Hai dard fillum, davaa hai phillum
Dua hai phillam, Salaam e phillum, Salaam e phillum, Salaam e phillum.

shamitabh-0aA director is blossomed through a good writer. And when both the persons are in one body, what ensues is above our imagination. Something similar has happened with the director of this film. Even to get an idea of such a praiseworthy script and going through with it, in itself shows the profoundness of the director and writer, R. Balki.

A dumb boy who yearns to be an actor, finds Amitabh in the dirt, who lends him his voice to be a mega-star. They come together but drift apart due to their ego’s. And then again become friends for life.

This is such a movie which should be seen in it’s pristine effect. If any more spoilers are given, then the core would be lost. Talking about the core, R. Balki, who has written & developed this story and script, has done a fabulous job. It wouldn’t be extravagant to say that this is going to be one of the best films of 2015. But even when the best stories are written, there is some flaw at the back of its page. Just at the start of its latter half, it seems R. Balki couldn’t find a noteworthy match to the story to keep it’s pace, which stretched the movie a little. Albeit this does not create any hassle to the eyes.

A notable mention should also go to the acting performances of Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush. Both were equally outstanding, captivating and rejuvenating, but Big B’s words pull a string towards him. There was something enigmatic about his acting which drew a line between an Amitabh(character) and a Big B. Even while he was in the dirt, reaching for his whiskey bottle, you would see great zeal and energy.

Dhanush’s and Amitabh’s camaraderie was the driving force to put up a great show. Their chemistry was speechless. And Akshara Hassan was quite impressive with what screen space she shared with the big stars.

A salient feature to this movie was it’s directing. Regardless to say, it was impeccable, R. Balki also succeeded in injecting coherent and lively dialogues. The one where Amitabh says,” Mein whiskey aur woh paani. Whiskey paani ke bina chadhati hai, kabhi dekha hai paani ko whiskey ke tarah chadhate hue?” was brilliant. I cannot reiterate the exact words, but some more of these and you could imagine yourself elated.

With some great camera-work, creating a picturesque angle of an odyssey of friendship-foe-ship and again friendship R. Balki revives a great deal of movie-making which is not based on the work of other movies. He leaves you again with an ending, where emotions are brimming. This movie encapsulates more than what you’d pick up from the plot. So, I suggest you get your lazy ass to the theater as soon as possible and savor this smidgen of pragmatic film work. I’m going with 4/5.