50 Shades Of Grey Novel Review


When a novel is classified under a certain genre you start reading it, expecting it to be exactly that. But as far as 50 Shades of Grey and EL James are concerned, the said rule doesn’t apply to them. But then again, EL James didn’t really bother herself with the writing much, as long as sex lingered in the pages of this so called roamance-erotic novel.

When Anastasia Steele conducts the interview of the multi-millionaire Christian Grey, she gets smitten with his ruggedly handsome looks and gets fascinated by him. Christian Grey’s stalking skills allow him to find Ana and offer her an agreement and she falls for his arrangement. But as she spends more time (for lack of a better word) with Christian Grey, she learns that he is tormented by his past. As the novel reaches it’s climax, because of lack of understanding and for the need to have more, Ana finally breaks up with him.


If you’re not familiar with the basic concepts of BDSM, the events in the novel may appear bizzare. However, the most pivotal aspect of the novel is not exhibited properly in the novel that is, of course the language. Any and every novel, irrespective of what the content is or for whom it’s intended to, demands a certain caliber writing. As we dive in to read the pages of this particular novel, you come across the manner of language that is incongruous, incoherent and repetitive. And that is not just bound to the kind of language but also to the content involved.

Most of the romantic novels always eloquently describe the sensual interactions between the protagonists and Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t an exception. But when it got to a level when there was nothing else but those two engaging in coitus time after time, regardless to say, it was creepy, monotonus and in a way verbose, almost as if EL James had nothing else other than their sexual encounters to show for.

There were just a few moments, that got me going. Ana’s persistant efforts to show Christian that he could open up to her and her little negotiations to pry the information out of him, these and a couple more moments piqued my interest.


The creepy agreement instead of a free flow love story was a big let down for me. Why is it bad? Because, its just a fancy name for prostitution, except the fact that she wasn’t getting paid in money. But apart from that, it curbed a good setting which the novel got at the inception and of course restrained the characters to have any romantic involvement with each other. It was utterly unromantic (I don’t know who suggested 50 Shades be classified as a romantic novel) and more about carnal pleasures.

The Last Word:

I want to see Christian and Ana have a normal relationship in the sequels, but somehow I know Christian is going to f**k, not make love, which is the least romantic and the most repelling thing for me. Though there’s so much bad in the novel, the mystery is still eating me up and I’d still give it a go, as long as it doesn’t creep me out.

My Rating: 1.5/5


The Martian Movie Review: A graceful battle of survival, with Mars and eventually with the movie’s runtime


“Duct tape is magic and should be worshipped”, said Mark Watney in Andy Weir’s novel. I’ve only completed as far as 64% of the novel, but that didn’t matter much as the movie just waded through what was left of it.  The Martian being one of the most admired and anticipated movie of the year is in fact a fast forward of the novel. There are a host of YA, Dystopian, Sci-fi books out there, being converted into movies. Some of those deserve a watch, but when it comes to writing the screenplay, the job is easier said than done. A novel, probably of 300-400 pages being curbed to 2 hours of runtime is like hampering the growth and development of the film. Though it does not weave the intricacy and share the details, The Martian is a ‘go’.


If you havn’t watched the trailer, click Matt Damon’s face below:

I’m going to indulge in spoiling the story a bit for you. So, Ares 3 team land safely on Mars, as a part of NASA’s initiative. And the team receives a warning of an upcoming storm on Mars. Now, the Hab, where the team officially lives in, would tilt at 12.3 degrees and with limited available time they’d have to seek refuge in the Hab. But on the way back to it, Mark Watney gets hit by the antenna of one of the comms. He wakes up to see that his crew now, has long gone to return to planet Earth, along with Hermes gone and no communication to Earth. He ruminates about his viable options and draws out that he has to survive another 4 years on Mars alone till Ares 4 program team picks him up. With about 300 days food and a limited supply of water and Oxygen, he starts building up the resources. He works his way to get water: Use Hydrazine, a fuel, separate Hydrogen from it by lighting it on fire, convert Carbon dioxide to Oxygen through the Oxygenator, blow Oxygen and Hydrogen in a confined space and give birth to water, all with the chance of getting killed. Mark also becomes the first person to grow potatoes on Mars using his own shit. I know, isn’t science fun? So, now to communicate with NASA he gets the pathfinder, learns ASCII code language and using the imager on the pathfinder, he communicates with NASA. Mark survives through all the persistent and ‘Mars planning to kill him’ times and gets home safely. To reveal more about the movie, watch it for yourself.

Though the story is the dandiest, it majorly depends on the director, on how he wants to festoon the pomp. Ridley Scott needs no introduction, his films having run a good number on the box office. But that doesn’t make up for the shallowness of this movie in terms of details. They should have given more emphasis on succinctly elucidating how Watney did what he did. It just falls flat on the screenplay. But with a more elaborate runtime it could have crept into the minds who have tasted the blood of the novel. With such movies; 3D, cinematography and CGI have to be of top notch, and in this case, The Martian delivers it.

Mark Watney in the novel, was very real, pragmatic, convenient and quick with a joke. On the other hand Matt Damon’s zeal kind of keeps you committed to the big screen. As for seeing him in the skin of Watney is a little unconvincing, less empirical. Not that it’s the deficiency in his acting, but a pinned down runtime doesn’t give him the opportunity of being compatible with the character. A whole lot of stars of high caliber like Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig, Michael Pena, Sean Bean, Kate Mara, Chiwetel Ejiofor have starred in the movie, but their presence is very minimal, again the problem of having an average playtime.

The Final Word:

If you love Sci-fi movies, where the protagonist gets stranded on a planet for a shitload of 3 years, you’ll like The Martian. For those, who ranted about how bad the novel was because it had all kinds of calculations and was boring, watch the movie, you might end up liking it more than me. Apart from that, Matt Damon with all the above crew, and an adroit director Ridley Scott, it’s a must watch. But if you want to scavenge more about Mark’s bitter and lonely odyssey, then read the book.

It’s rare that, books-turned-movies work out with such elegance, but as short (that’s the flaw) as The Martian is, it deserves a 4/5.


“In your face, Neil Armstrong!”

Furious 7 Movie Review: Cars and guns blazing fire.


“Bhaiya! Yeh Cloromint kyon khaate hai?” You don’t ask that question in India as much as you shouldn’t ask “Is it worth it?”, “Shall I watch Furious 7?” Well, the most notable aspect of this film is, it marks the last feature of The Great Paul Walker and yes, it’s a must watch for the F & F series lovers and action enthusiasts. The bewildering and thought provoking idea is that, there is literally nothing new except for the few things like drones firing missiles, better visual effects and better actions sequences and still it enchants the viewer.

You can watch the trailer right here:

Paul-Walker-Fast-and-Furious-7James Wan has created the perfect blend pairing with Chris Morgan for the audience to savor. His virtuoso is impetus in the film with lack of depth in the story. He might have created the dandiest film in the F & F series.

No one steps in theater with much expectations from the story from Fast and Furious movies. In fact, not having much scope in the storyline is what makes the screenplay more salient. A few eye catching scenes is all that it takes to glue audience to their seats. The most intriguing part was when Roman and Tej are sitting on a beach and Ramsey gets out of the water, flaunting her body in a bikini, conjuring the oomph effect and Roman calls dibs on her. Though, it’d have be a real transition if the story was profoundly crafted.

Dominic Toretto, the ‘Alpha’, with his voice having special base, takes you on a fun ride and you just wish it was never over. This character was built only for Vin Diesel with his serene and tranquil complexion.

Paul Walker’s acting simply cannot be judged. As his acting skills precedes his reputation and he is (was) the best in business. Secondly,  CGI image and body doubles were used after his demise. Albeit, one could congratulate the efforts of technical staff.

Jason Statham really brings out true emotions of seeking revenge on Dom and his team. He plays a robust and spellbinding villain and a pivotal role in the film.

Dwayne Johnson has created the most invigorating image in the recent years of American Cinema. This wasn’t the sharpest arrow in his quiver, but it certainly gets the work done. It’s difficult to identify whether it’s Dwayne Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he picks up the machine gun and starts shooting the helicopter. 

Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris and Kurt Russell in their small roles give their best. But, Kurt’s performance protrudes among all. Nathalie Emmanuel is stunning in her character and brings out her best play from Game Of Thrones. 

A noteworthy and captivating aspect was magnificent camera work. Cinematography was of the top notch keeping things exciting with unimaginable angles used during fight scenes. Organization and choreography of stunts felt almost out of the world. It was like every extraordinary action movie combined into one.

The Final Word:

Furious 7 has undergone many changes in turbulent times and still it soars up as a spellbinding commercial release. This is an astute endeavor by James Wan considering the weakness of the plot. This opulent and extravagant film is the last memory of the great actor Paul Walker and I invite you cling on to this opportunity and enjoy the show. The story digresses and there is a hiatus, but clicks the right emotions, so I am going with 3.5/5. I assure you, the ride’s not bumpy.

Godzilla Review: The time when Gojira becomes Godzilla


They say, when humans over-exploit the earth’s resources, the nature acts in malevolent ways. This is exactly what has been featured in this film: Of tremendous destruction, with the utmost use of graphics & VFX has pioneered this movie into one of the  dandiest. Though this is just another effort to deliver a commercial movie, Gareth Edwards & his crew strives to turn it into a thorough thriller.

ImageIn 1999, Daisuke Serizawa and Vivienne Graham (Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins) come across a colossal skeleton and two chrysalis-shaped pods, with one egg hatched. Shortly afterwards, the Janjira Nuclear plant in Japan suffers a destruction wrongly taken for an earthquake, in which wife of a nuclear technician Joe Brody (Brian Cranston) gets killed. In his theory of conspiracy, Joe gets his life in danger, when his Son Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) bails him out. They soon find out that in  place of that plant, a large chrysalis has appeared. It hatches an unidentified flying creature called MUTO which brings about catastrophic destruction. How will it enrage the Godzilla? What will be the consequences of those incidents?

Direction & Screenplay:

Gareth Edwards has recreated and rejuvenated the ‘terrifying force of nature’ by retelling the story of Godzilla in an enthralling manner. He has made the utmost use of story & screenplay writers, Dave Callaham & Max Borenstein. Important thing to take up from this film is that he has understood the role of every tidbit in this marvel. He leaves the audience baffled with that ghastly & frenetic monster on the screen.

This is just a repetition of the story from Godzilla (1954). But never has been felt like a remake of another movie. The screenplay elucidates the sequence of devastating destruction & Godzilla’s pragmatic fit in it. It has written perfectly considering a superior place for that violent monster.

Star Performances:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson places himself above all with his manly performance. His robust character is the key to endure this apocalypse. He thoroughly curbs the film from digressing from its former story.

Ken Watanabe has always astonished his viewers, though he he would have elevated if he had gotten a bigger screen space.

Sally Hawkins & Bryan Cranston too are terrific with their skills and complexions do their part sharing less screen space.


The key which elevates this film is its Cinematography, clean, clear and so enriched in its every bit. Seamus McGarvey does a fabulous task to exude a picturesque sequence of scenes. The VFX & graphics go hand in hand to put up a real-to-the-eyes Godzilla.

The Final Word:

Over the years, many times it has been the Cinematography, visual effects and graphics to ensure the film’s success than its story. It satisfies & restores the fire-breathing glory of the franchise. If you’re to walk out of the theater after getting hooked to this monster ‘Godzilla’, I suggest you watch it in 3D. I’m going with 3.5/5 with this play of camera.




The Amazing New Spiderman 2: Review


ImageWhat’s Good: The Chemistry between Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone, graphics & Cinematography.

What’s Bad: No depth in  storyline & the screenplay is a weak point.

Loo Breaks: Few

Watch it or not?: Well, it totally depends on you, even though its a Marvel motion film. It’s simply hilarious in brimming with VFX and Cinematography, but this film over does the other aspects. Its a good match between Superhero-Villains, but appending many subplots without effective execution has been a let down this time.

ImageRichard Parker explains why he disappeared mysteriously. In the meantime, Peter Parker fights city’s crime belying as Spiderman with Gwen Stacy as his girlfriend from High School. But soon he has to choose to follow the trail of his father’s disappearing case over his girlfriend.

The film also encapsulates Peter’s acquaintance from childhood, Harry Osborn who takes over as the CEO of Oscorp. But he soon realizes that the only elixir that can save him from cancer is Spiderman’s blood sample. How is he gonna get Spiderman’s blood sample? What’s gonna happen to Peter & Gwen? Who’s gonna help Harry after the refusal from Spiderman?

The Amazing New Spiderman 2 Review: Script Analysis:

Marc Webb truly understands the characters in the film. He has the ability to go down the path of flowering the intricate human lives, nah!, rather, to go down the path of lives of superhero’s & Villains and uses this to his advantage.In the last few minutes he kept audience tethered to the characters more than the exquisite and colossal sets. As well as its predecessor its an equally emotional film with a that perfect spicy and bitter taste. 

The emotional dilemma faced by Peter before leaving his girlfriend, conversation between his & Gwen standing on the roadside has been showcased with the right amount of emotions. The way it all adds up with the quintessential complexions formed by them points at your face. Though Max Dillon could have been used in much better way as well as the second half could have extended the quality of it much more.

The Amazing New Spiderman 2 Review: Star Performances

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker is a handsome guy with buoyancy & as Spiderman is a vigorous superhero with story of valor to his credit. He has played these characters pragmatically. Such a sturdy act is always expected from an actor of his caliber.

You just wanted such a fine actress to make the pair complete. The very alluring lady, Emma Stone has played her part to peak of her abilities. She surely makes you close your eyes with her glint.

Just when things get better, there’s someone waiting to decapitate that happiness. A fine role was given to Dane DeHaan & he stands up to that mark. He plays friend-turned-villain of Spiderman with great enigma. 

Jamie Foxx would be the Man Of The Hour with such astonishing transformation from gel hair combing guy to the ferocious and angry villain throwing off everything that meets his eye. 

Felicity Jones & Sally Field play their part keeping up to the screen space given to them.

The Amazing New Spiderman 2 Review: Directing, Editing & Cinematography

Marc Webb intelligently crafts the structure of this project and with such knack he provides us not only with a highly entertaining, but a visually complete film which could bristle our body hair. This auteur makes this daunting idea look very intriguing.

Talking about the editing of the film, its quite good, much better than its predecessor. Pietro Scalia’s past experience has come in handy in this film. ‘Even the slightest frames look good when handled by the masters’ does make sense in this situation. 

Daniel Mindel has practically made every angle look beautiful, every scene look delicate and every action scene look praiseworthy. He being assisted Marc Webb as the director of Photography in Star Trek edition has developed a camaraderie with the director, making the film picturesque & subtle in its every frame.

The Amazing New Spiderman 2 Review: The Final Word

Marc Webb from the very beginning to its end has build a turret of thrilling, emotional & picturesque moments in this film, making sure the audience is choosing this film over other releases and ensuring good returns from the funds invested by the Producers. This is a film which rarely goes deep into the storyline, unravels little plot, but makes sure that you’re amused when you walk out of the theater. A Marvel’s film is always something to watch for & cheer about but this simply does not elevate to such level, so I’m going with 3/5.

Transcendence Review: A good concept with an archetypal execution


ImageBeing a Johnny Depp movie, you expect some magic from him to amuse you. The film has got enough plus points to make it intriguing enough for the audience, but its just a matter of lack of profoundness which does not work in favor of it. 

Dr. Will Caster dies after getting shot, but his mind nevertheless is conscious and is connected to the hard drives (transcendence) which downloads colossal amount of information and helps Dr. Evelyn Caster in ways to develop and expand the use of nanotechnology only to create its own army. People against this invention put up a fight as a way to shut it down, but are unable to do so. Will they be able to put an end to this cyclone of frenetic energy exuded by the Transcendence?

Story & Direction:

There isn’t much of a story in Transcendence to tell, rather they haven’t worked on it much. It continuously gave a vibe like it was impromptu. Jack Paglen in his debut hasn’t done something of a remark. He along with the debutant director Wally Pfister paint a very concise & intriguing world and revive the story through fascinating things like healing though nana technology, but it lacks in taking it to a new level through its details.

The direction to be precise, has been an average play from a better player. Wally Pfister is capable of far better than this. But there wasn’t much he could have done to uplift the level of the film.

Star Performances:

First of all, its just thoroughly entertaining to watch any of Johnny Depp’s movie. The complexion, the body language, the dialogue delivery, he just gets it right. There is a creed that every film Johnny stars in is worth watching. He once again succeeds in giving a sturdy performance.

Rebecca Hall has played a very similar character that of in Iron Man 3. She has supported Johnny to elevate to the next level. She is exuberant throughout the movie and fun to watch.

Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy & Paul Bettany even though sharing small screen space play their part adroitly and astutely.


The only key element that keeps you tethered to you seats besides acting is Cinematography. Jess Hall has virtually garnered & tied pieces of this movie into one by making picturesque description of it on screen. Some shots mostly at the very end are so delicate and subtle to commensurate to some other film.

The Final Word:

This is a bright and astoundingly good concept, which is not put forth in the best of methods, but acting of Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall and other transcend the film. These goodies cover the gaffes. It’s not highly recommended because of its ineffective execution. I’m going with 3/5