Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Review: An average story with a great message and lots of laughter


Movies are a great emanation for making people aware about the issues ubiquitous everywhere and not just for entertainment and this film doesn’t fall short of that. Women empowerment and abolishment of dowry system are the issues elucidated and infested through this film in a very light manner. Inspite of such sturdy messages, the camaraderie of Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt succeeds in getting the audience laugh on their punches.

Story, Screenplay and dialogues:

When it comes to romantic movies, the story has always been, the boy meeting the girl and they falling  in love and enduring the perseverance of either, the society or family and then the happy ending. How this movie differs is the circumstances under which the two meet. More than the story, the screenplay has elevated the performance of the film.

Every now and then, a punch is thrown at the exact moment when the audience may feel weary from the message that the film has to offer. The tone of the dialogues and the accent of Uttar Pradesh is a real charm and a welcoming chortle.



Direction and Star Performances:

Shashank Khaitan who started off his career with Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania has improved a lot. He has not only worked on the direction, story and script of its predecessor but also this film and if you’ve seen this latest work, then you would agree that, it goes without saying this film is far better than the last one.

Alia Bhatt in Student of the year was very lame. But since then, she has galloped quickly. She has become one of the best young actors in Bollywood and it reflects in this film. Her character Vaidehi meaning, Sita, wife of Lord Ram, in Sanskrit, is very inspiring and often breaks the trend. She is the real protagonist in this film.

Varun Dhawan as Badrinath, is a maverick person, but due to the constraint of basic education, cannot match the intellectual level of Alia Bhatt. He has done exceedingly well.

Sahil Vaid sharing a greater screen space than other actors, gives a sturdy performance. Other good performances came from Shweta Prasad, Yash Sinha and the person whose name is nowhere available, who played Vaidehi’s sister.

The Last Word:

It’s a good film, if you’re going for the laughter and the strong message, but a predictable story ruins the fun. Nevertheless, laughter packed, good cinematography, a great screenplay and dialogues, make up for the gaffes. But if you’re looking for a bit of action, beasts jostling each other and a great editing, then go for Kong: Skull Island.

My Rating: 3.5/5




Baaghi Movie Review: Action packed, no brainer and unimpactful


With the stock of a trailer with so much action, stunts and the scenery captured in a way gratifying the viewer, it seems the movie was quite surreal when it extended from two minutes to a little over two hours. With a chiseling body Tiger Shroff exuded some moves in Heropanti. But when it came to acting he just couldn’t capitalize.

We talk a lot about how Bollywood is entertaining, but no one sees past the naive and cheesy acts in the movies. For starters, even the name of the movie was a borrowed one. The premise is picked up from the Indonesian hit Raid, and if that wasn’t enough, the screenplay and dialogues were terrible.


Tiger Shroff just couldn’t move past the words, “Abhi toh maine start kia hai”. Shraddha Kapoor kept the same demeanour as from the movie Ek Villain. With Sanjeev Datta’s debut writing experience, which is conjured from the diverse releases from Bollywood movies and Sabir Khan’s consistant work of directing muddled movies continues.

Though the action looks quite captivating, the same cannot be said about other aspects. Tiger Shroff’s and Shraddha Kapoor’s acting succumbs to keep the film entertaining. The film falls flat with the humdrum nature of the screenplay and the lack of originality.

The Last Word:

Though an interesting choice of playgarism has yielded the movie a bit of attention, the film has only a tidbit to offer besides the hand-to-hand fights and the kicks of Tiger. The film is tacky and it lacks a strong plot, but the cinematography and the scenic beauty somewhat pleases the eye.

My Rating: 2/5.

If It’s Not Forever, it’s not love Novel Review: The love of the dead guy.


Delhi was struck by an unexpected bomb blast which exploded in the vicinity of the high court in late 2011. It killed several people and destroyed several lives. In the memory of those hapless children, women and men, Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh teamed up to write a romantic novel. This novel inundates from time to time the life of a person, who narrates the incidents.


The authors have tried to bring out the story as a semi-travelling romantic story, with bits of unnecessary elements diffused at some parts of the book. The main character is Deb, the story being narrated by him. So it necessarily points out to the novel, mostly being written by Durjoy at large. There are not going to be any big spoilers in the review, for I would want the read to read the book with novelty. As it starts off, Deb is caught in the middle of a blast besetting a heap of people. He wakes up to see love and concern in the eyes of his girlfriend, Avantika.  He suddenly is bogged down when he picks up a half burnt diary, from the scene and is held by only one thought; to get the story of the dead guy from the diary to his lover. And he goes on a road trip with his buddy, Shrey with only few leads to his dispatch. He’s left with no choice but to tell Avantika, Shrey and his newly met girlfriend, Tiya; the truth. Soon, they uncover the mystery about the dead guy and are dumbfound by what they learn.

It goes without saying that, there’s a lot of love-making and sexual talks which is to be inferred from the genre. But thankfully, that ends with the first half. You wouldn’t believe how horrible it reads when Deb is narrating the story. I mean, he’s just a lustful guy. He talks about love at one point, says something nice and appends it with a sexual comment. I think that was the most awful and abhorrent aspect of the novel along with a use of lot of spontaneous comments and phrases created apathy. Everything literally narrows down to intercourse with this guy. But what made me stick to the novel was the enigma and curiosity to find out what happens next.

The Final Word:

Whatever the reason may be, I am not repelled by this novel. In fact, I’ve come to like it. Though don’t expect much from this amateur writing style. I thought, at some point, Chetan Bhagat might have been able to do something more if he wrote this one. But that doesn’t take away the novelty of a bland created by Durjoy and Nikita, by infusing it with a thriller touch. Also, look out for the climax, actually two of’em. The climax singlehandedly made up for the disgusting and sexual comments.

The storytelling was what kept me going though, something could’ve been done about the perspective of Deb towards women. One wouldn’t know what Durjoy and Nikita garnered about the case or the diary, but they convert an atrocious act into a memorable romantic story.

cover page of if it's not forever it's not love by durjoy datta

My Rating: 3/5.

Fukrey: A word about it- Magnificent


ImageYou would be saying, like hell it’s a magnificent movie, but I think you should see the movie first, even though it has a frail star-cast and the director who made his debut with a flop film back in 2011 with “Teen Thay Bhai”, which meandered with the flow of implying a short  career for Mrigdeep Singh Lamba. But with Fukrey, he seems to have avoided the inevitable. With a business of 37.10 crores on domestic B.O., the film has done excessively well. 

The film carries a simple story, of four friends trying to reach their destiny, but are faced with economic problem which leads them to a bandit cum gangster cum hot Richa Chadda, who agrees to their plan of getting windfall money from lottery. But it gets to another level when money is lost. They are given another chance of returning the money by selling some drugs at a random party. In a police raid their thought of selling drugs is cut out and they are flushed in a toilet. Again they return to betting on lotteries and win it this time around and Bholi Punjaban is caught. 

The story looks as simple as that the way it has been put into real is very commendable. The movie is fun filled, the joys, the romance and over all the screenplay, which ensures that the film is soared up at all the levels. Its not a great dialogue oriented screenplay, but in parts where Hunny bhai proposes Priya in the most casual way. It keeps you thinking about the magic sowed in it. 

This movie is like the remake of ’21 and over’ in terms of excitement. The important thing was that inspite of having no angel to save it i.e. Any big stardom, it did good only because of its content. Its a low budget movie of 5crores coming out and playing with big numbers.

Technically speaking, this is not great work, but Mrigdeep Singh Lamba knew how to attract the attention of the audience. 

The acting has done some great favor to take it to a higher level. The music matches up with the spirit and enthusiasm, thanks to Ram Sampath and his team. The cinematographer too has to be congratulated for doing it in slick manner. And at last when it comes to producing, Farhan Akhtar never misses. 

 This is a movie you’ll remember 2013 for. Its quite exaggerated, but, still. Compare this to any big budget Hollywood movies, and know that you’re mistaken. I mean, if you have to choose from Rush, About Time, 21 and over and Fukrey, you’ll pick the first three. But rest assured, you will keep praising it until your mouth swells. I’m going with 4/5 for this great entertainer.