Angels and Demons Novel Review


I didn’t quite like the Angels and Demons the way I expected to. But that’s all right, when you read all about how Illuminati symbols are engraved on the chest of the cardinals and then executed using the same element of science. Robert Langdon has to stop these four killings and a bomb (antimatter) which is ticking, somewhere concealed in the Vatican City, by following an intricate trail using his expertise in symbology.


A mystery-thriller, but it’s more than just your ordinary detective stories. It has one of the good old, Science vs. Religion debates to offer. This novel demands to be looked at seriously because, the setting of the novel accentuates the accomplishments and failures, the strong points and flaws of both, the science and the religion. As far as India and Hinduism is concerned, each individual needs to strictly follow some of the proud creeds mentioned in this notable work by Dan Brown.

The novel is gripping and well acclaimed by the readers around the world and the content and the virtuoso of the author speak for it. Apart from the mystery which is the major feature of this novel, I did find the few moments between Robert and Vittoria quite intriguing. Dan has quite adroitly explored the personality of Robert Langdon, which adds up to make the novel more captivating.

The Last Word:

Dan has surely written a robust mystery-thriller, but we also need to ruminate on the essence of the religion before we overlook its importance. Quite a cliffhanger, protruding most mystery-thrillers, because of the addition of symbology, the killings, Illuminati, Camerlengo’s character and the amalgamation of science and religion. The only flaw I realized was the length of the novel. It could have been less.

My Rating: 4.5/5