Love Animals Unconditionally


It oftens happens that you take your children for picking fruits, but never take them to a slaughterhouse.

I just got off the phone with my mother and she was telling me, how one of her friend stopped eating chicken after perceiving the brutality which the chicken has to go through.

Her father used to get the chicken ready by skimming off its feathers and she used to cook it for the family. But when her father passed away, she had to kill the hapless bird herself. It was then that she decided not to eat chicken.

My mother always used to say this when I was a kid, “The animals always feel it when the butcher comes toward them. They can sense that he’s going to harm them”. They are very sensitive and full of emotions.

Do you know that pigs are the fifth most intelligent animals?


Courtesy: Mercy For Animals

Many people ask me how my protein intake is met through a vegetarian diet. Even plants have protein. You don’t have to take a life just so that you can enjoy your meal. One of the most atrocious facts is that, meat consumption is one of the causes of climate change.

Vegetarianism or veganism is not just the diet chioces, it’s a way to reduce animal sufferings. The animals that we eat, live a life we can’t even fathom. They are kept in close confinements, with grimy conditions and fall prey to heinous mutilations. In the end, they are all slaughtered.

 Many of us, call ourselves an animal lover. You just can’t get you hands off of that cute little puppy that you brought into your life a month ago. You can’t go without petting your beautiful cat, but at the same time, you have eggs, fish,chicken, bacon or beef for your dinner. Loving animals doesn’t mean loving only some them. We need to understand our fellow animals and treat them like equals and our own. The unconditional love, that our dogs and cats receive, we need to spread it amidst other animals too and infest this culture in the next generation.

A regular meat eater eats 100 animals per year. But a vegetarian saves 100 animals from being killed. You just see it as another dish on your plate, but for that animal/bird, it is their life. Be the glimpse of hope for those love deprived animals. They need us.

You can save animals, by leaving them off of your plate. If you can’t control the urge to eat meat, instead of eating it may be five times a week, you can consume it once a week.

 1% of Baby Boomers are veg.

4% of Gen X’ers are veg.

12% of Millennials are veg.

The future is vegan.

Go check out Mercy For Animals, they are awesome.