Te3n Movie Review:


Can you relate yourself when I tell you someone is playing bang-bang and then, at first, all the blood rushing through their body, all that effort being rewarded for and all of a sudden they realise exuding less force within? Well, that’s exactly how this movie was, but get out of the earlier context.

A case of kidnapping, a troubled grandfather with the determination of finding the kidnapper follows a trail till he meets the convicted.

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The movie starts off in the present and the scenes from the past are revealed with great directorial care. The likes of Bijesh Jayarajan of ‘Yudh’ fame and Suresh Nair meant a complete package of thrill and mystery. Following Kahaani’s huge success in screenplay, this film too had the same enigma following around.

Directing was of the top notch, may be a par better than the writing considering the figment of imagination put forth by the story writers. The first half was the epitome of graceful and refined conglomeration of directing and cinematography.

When I think of Amitabh Bachchan, all I can perceive is simplicity; elegant simplicity. Age is no bar for this great actor. He makes each expression his own feeling.

Talking about simplicity and great acting, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vidya Balan are not far behind. Nawaz’s acute and sharp performance coupled with Balan’s captivating act take away any second thoughts you’re having about watching this film.

Suffice it to say that this movie has all it’s bearings in place. But an archetypal trend in the last four years of Bollywood films makes it all, a little déjà vu. I was constantly thinking of Jazbaa, which is, on so many levels, an alike movie. Another movie would be Wazir, which was released earlier this year, exhibited a very similar framework of the story and the twists in this movie were almost as if pried off from Wazir.

maxresdefaultThe Last Word:

Inspite of all of the above going on, I’m pleased with the film, not so with the climax. Having said that, strong and compelling performances of the three musketeers, a great host of background music, along with nail biting mystery makes this film a good finish.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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Shaadi Ke Side Effects: Contemplating the endured marriage


What’s good: The chemistry between Farhan and Vidya, the witty depiction of and ingenuity exuded in the film.

What’s bad: The shallow and superficial base of the story. It starts off with a laugh riot but deteriorates as it follows.The second half is less intriguing, more tepid and a little tedious.

Watch it or not: Farhan and Vidya, both succeed in reaching out infiltrating the minds of audience, keeping them tethered to their seats. It goes without saying that, it is a paradigm of total fun and amusement. The protagonists deal with their roles very subtly and cling to their strengths. The unintentional trigger through delightful dialogues and implied jokes fill you up with unbridled laughter.

ImageSid (Farhan) and Trisha (Vidya) deal with their work and relationship as they desperately try to be new parents. The film showcases the changes brought by the baby to the life in a funny way. 

What after pyaar? Of course, shaadi, with it comes the side effects. The couple before marrying couldn’t avert their eyes off each other are now in their cobweb of married life. The cool things have now become a topic of apathy, the lust has turned into love and love to loneliness. 

Directing & Screenplay: 

The movies and their stories nowadays have turned crass, and the vibe of ingenuity has been lost. As much as the film is based on a cliché story, the director Saket Chaudhary has put the right ingredients so as to conjure the laugh-out-situational movie. On many occasions it gets to a level when a serious dialogue is executed and it’s received and interpreted as a comic statement. The knack of designing the scenes in just enough to ensnare the audience. The screenplay is fairly written. Writers have astutely controlled and used its periphery to not miss out any fun element. Saket manages to send us a full on laughter show, using Vidya and Farhan’s impeccable timing. But he relies on them too much to sell his dull and frivolous story. It for them the movie is revived to life and the goodies cover the gaffes. 

Star Performances:

Farhan Ahhtar as always is buoyant and holds the charismatic angle to his character. He delivers the dialogues plainly keeping the same complexion every time.  Farhan does a fair job to keep us interested with his ardor, but he succumbs to make the intended impact.

Vidya Balan’s enigma of bringing out the true colors of actor is just unfathomable. She lives up to the expectations and to her caliber. She does it flawlessly is what makes you wonder whether to watch this film again. She is enthralling in every bit right from the scene in the club enjoying the moments with Mr. Roy to the brimming emotional moments with her husband and with sunrise, she soars up in the sky and is a delight to see her. She is the crutch to this story and complements Farhan in what seems very captivating.

Ram Kapoor and Ila Arun try their best to fit in the scope of their roles. But its a sheer waste of having capable actors like Purab Kohli, Gautami Kapoor and Rati Agnihotri. 

Cinematography & Music:

Cinematographers have very interestingly worked up giving the best angles and intensity pertinent to rom-com. The project itself does not not hold much scope and draws a periphery to the point they can experiment. But overall cinematography and editing is full of life. Music tries unnecessarily to explore and disinters an unwanted ambiance. Some tracks like Harry is not a Brahmachari pull the movie down spoiling the fun. Pritam encores his tunes making it less attractive to listen to.

The Final Word:

Shaadi ke side effects is real, and fun and a full on laughter show, but its cliche and stereotypical, both at the same. This is a pertinent take on the marriage of a couple expressed comically. This film is dominated by ravishing Vidya Balan and a sturdy but a little monotonous performance of Farhan Akhtar. Watch it for the fun involved in it. Just because Saket Chaudhary makes us roll on the seats while laughing, I’m going with 3/5.