To make environment defecation free. To become thoughtful


Open Defecation means excretion in nature, out in the open, resulting from cultural practices or having no access to toilets. Open defecation is a major environmental and health issue in many countries having its population defecating in the open. People resort to such practices mainly because of having no other choices. Another reason which has come in the light is that they do not fathom the importance of maintaining their hygiene. As far as developing countries are concerned, the proportion of people opting to these practices is much more alarming than that of civilians in developing countries.

This is the 21st century and people have not only experienced the greatest of inventions but are in a cobweb surrounded by them. Then there is this situation still prevailing in rural areas of a country like India. India has always been endowed by this heavenly gift of having a great manpower. People don’t see it nor have they given any chance to others to realize that.

One Billion people in developing countries or about 15% of the world population practices Open defecation (OD), out of which 597 million people are from India itself. Sometimes, it’s a shame to top some lists. Because of Government initiative and initiative taken by private firms and Companies like Domex, the attitude of people is changing slowly.

Open defecation in itself is a disease, a monster creating ritual. OD is a major factor in causing various diseases, notably diarrhea and intestinal worm infections but also typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, polio and others.These are much more deadly and malicious diseases than on paper. Diarrhea may lead to malnutrition and stunted growth in Children. OD is the major reason for diarrheal deaths; 2000  children under the age of five die every day, one every 40 seconds, from diarrhea. Feces of animals is equally malevolent to small children as they play on the ground, may step foot in it and put things their mouth.

There are also immense gender impacts. Lack of safe/secure and clean and private toilets make women and girls vulnerable and is subject to unhealthy make up of a society. Rapes and molestation happen when women search for concealed and private places for open defecation.

Is it that, because of more population we’re getting behind of other countries in every aspect? Then why doesn’t China face this hurdle? Why do other countries prosper hassle free? I think I’m asking the wrong question here. The authentic question here is, are we willing to bring about a change? If yes, there may be some key elements to eradicate such practices. A focus on behavior change, political willingness and initiative, sanitation solutions which people will accept not opting to open defecation. A good public service and incentive schemes may work just fine in the face of this acute problem.

It’s a revolution, changing people’s thoughts and views, because it’s not about building the infrastructure/toilets, it’s about convincing them to make use of these tools, resorting to life saving, healthy ways, their perception as they should see it as a health problem and  matter of human dignity and prestige.

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