Lessons a cycle taught me


Its quite obvious that I’m gonna get tired after riding a bike after almost four months. Well, here I am eating more than what is required and the only thing that comes to the mind is dozing off. And here I am writing about it, rather quite enjoying the moment.
With great enthusiasm, we left the house with not even a smidgen of breakfast and as it turned out I felt eagerness to fill my stomach with anything that it could hold. On our return journey there was a steep road(not so sharp) but with my prowess of riding a bike only made me more hungrier than I was, the crows in the stomach had already started dying, all my teammates were long gone and I was left behind like a fawn waiting for the lion to kill it. My legs were hurting, my body felt the weight more than ever like it had taken the burden of the whole world. So I stopped for a while to stabilize my breath and gather all energy I need to ride to my cousin’s house, thats when my gaze fell upon an unknown man in his early twenties signaling me to continue my ride. He was making the gestures denoting/asking why am I not riding? I smiled. I was refilled with a lively energy and excitement.
Strange; strange how a person you don’t know can inspire you, funny, our actions unintendedly matter so much in times. Clearly , there’s more to life than meets the eye.
While I was using this “Affirmation method”, (you know how usually we say “Yes, I can do this”, “Only ten kilometers remaining, than you can devour as much as you want”) many things were running through my mind. The things that cycling taught me after 2-3 hours of riding, at that point of time. Well, many, but uh, yeah! There they are. A person is not meant to halt till he reaches his destination. While riding you face many difficulties, you’re not supposed to give a damn to those things.
Err, no, something is not right. It should have been more like, A person is not meant to halt till he reaches his home to stuff food in his mouth.
Anyways, because of this cycle I got this opportunity to explore and watch the scenic beauty, a great morning alongside a lake filled with small plants, birds doing their chores, some cleaning their feathers, flying over our heads, the Sun glaring his light and the effect of this light on the pure water of the lake and watching this and witnessing it and recording in the mind were some awe-inspiring moments for all of us.


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug- Review


ImageThe previous installment in The Hobbit series took about one hour to get going, but considering the taste and quality of people Peter Jackson didn’t hesitate to cut off the unnecessary portion in the movie. On the journey to reclaim the Erebor, Thorin, a small team of dwarves and so called “burgler” Bilbo Baggins march towards the mountain. On their way they face many difficulties but persisting it they open the secret door to the mountain and Bilbo is sent in to seek the hoard of the dragon Smaug. Will they Succeed?

The story is a bit predictable, but what makes this movie transcend is the screenplay. Particularly the couple, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. The most amusing scene in the movie is when they are fleeing from the custody of the Elves through a river. The orcs try to kill the dwraves and the Elves try to protect their kingdom. This chase will make you laugh your asses off, at the same time will it make you remain stunned and shocked. The way the stunts are conducted and the magic of the cinematographer places this movie above most. 

To his caliber, The Hobbit remains the same. Peter Jackson is back with a blast which will make an impact and be remembered  all over the world. It does sometimes pick the tail of a typical Salman Khan Bollywood movie, keeping you entertained for the two and half hours. The Smaug shows himself after two hours and just when he is about to get into action, the screen starts showing credits, informing you to come next year.  This Ingenious effort by Peter Jackson, Dr. Watson, Magneto and others is well appreciated.

Martin Freeman does very well especially his countenance. Ian McKellen is appreciated in his bits. Richard Armitage gives justice to his character. Orlando Bloom hasen’t looked back since he got LOTR and Pirates of the Caribbean.  In spite of introducing new and unexplained characters, The Hobbit makes its stand.

Right from the background score to the VFX effects are praiseworthy. Watching it in 3D is a real treat. All you need is A Cold Coffee and popcorns to keep up with the hobbits!!! I’m going with 4.5/5.

Immortals Of Meluha: Neelkanth Begins


Immortals Of Meluha, being a big, bulky novel was always neglected, but as my friends started recommending it to me, there was a sparkling hope that I’d finally make use of this extreme treat offered by author Amish Tripathi and as I kept slicing through it, I realized that this particular author has a very different style of writing, and uses the words to show a different perspective. 

The story is very simple and also strange at times. Shiva and his group is invited into a foreign country as being searched by Daksha, the  Emperor, for Neelkanth. After being fed tasteful and delicious food which contains Somaras, Shiva’s throat turns blue, a sign of being  Neelkanth. He marches with the Meluhan army to destroy the evil, but he comes across the dignity and pure intent of the Chandravanshis, so called evil. Trying to find answers of the consequences, is met with a Naga. 

Amish Tripathi strives impeccably to meet with its success. This is a novel which brings smile on the face of its reader, astonishes him, brings tears at times and makes him want more of it. The best thing about it is when you start reading it, it pulls you into this beautiful world created by the author. It would have been a tragedy if he hadn’t kept restraint on the topic. Though it is a very long odyssey, it doesn’t feel tedious. This Novel is full of surprises, and makes you wonder “How Amish Tripathi could write his first novel and strike with it in such a way which will enroot/implant in people’s mind for a long time?” 

Its a saga, which is actually complete in its every aspect. I’d give it 4/5. Its a story of true love, the valor of a Mahadev who fought a great war, and an adventure in itself. A true Novel to savour, a reason to feel enchanted.