A cracker of the International Film Festival Of India.

Goa now being the permanent spot for International Film Festival Of India (IFFI) ignited a spark within the film lovers and filmmakers ensued by screening of some exceptional films this year. This itself has been a beautiful odyssey telling great fables about films. IFFI this year comes to an end with an Oscar Award Nominee film; The Grandmaster. Most significant thing  about IFFI is that, many non popular, unheard or unheralded films and documentaries are screened for us to savor.

These are some of the films and documentaries I literally devoured and was equally astonished by the whole work.

1. Drishyam

It’s a Malayalam film directed by Jeethu Joseph in just best possible way. I was thinking, “These are going to be tedious 160 minutes”, which turned out to be exactly opposite. Jeethu in his filmography has directed Memories, which was just above the bar, but here he seems to surpass those expectations. Actor Mohanlal along with Meena Asha Sharath have lifted the whole film on their little finger. A mind blowing film with great story and screenplay. I’m going with 5/5.

2. My father Namgyal (DOC)

My father Namgyal is a journey of a young man in times of adversity and how he strived to get back home with his wife and kids. When China attacked Tibet, he had to move to India. This overwhelming documentary shows son’s love for his father.

3. Ankhon Dekhi

Rajat Kapoor’s being auteur of the film cunningly creates just another world. With Sanjay Mishra, Namit Das and inexperienced but talented Maya Sarao he protrudes above all. This satire tops as one of the best pragmatic and realist movie, which makes it a must watch, I’m gonna go with 5/5.

4. Teenkahon

Talking about the creepiest, lovable and most palpable movies, I think this one would definitely rank in the top ten. Basically its a compilation of three Bengali films which make you think the heights a person can go to pursue his love, make you scratch your head to fathom whats going on the screen and equally scares and intimidates you, all at the same time. If you’re trying some new language, this will blend in quite nicely. For the good times shown by it, I’ll go with 4.5/5.

5. Adim Vichar

Sabyasachi Mohapatra’s Odia feature film Adim Vichar conjures up a strong and sensitive thought. Story is set in a village where people haven’t seen modern day know hows. The film talks about the simple life followed by the tribal people. The best thing to watch for in this movie is the acting by the eighty five-year-old actor Atal Bihari Panda. Director excels at exuding moral values. But the most salient element in this film is the way the director has dealt with human relations. This is a craft which needs to be appreciated. It deserves 5/5.

6. Ek Hazarachi Note.

Director Shrihari Sathe released this consequential film just before the elections in the month of May this year. Ek Hazarachi Note highly depicts the poverty, illiteracy, farmer suicides and corruption. Profoundly crawling into the lives of a old woman and her neighbor he shows all the sorrows, the happy moments and money which brings its own set of problems with it. This film wins your heart with mere simplicity. The message is clear: Illiteracy can kill you. An excellent film for which I give 4.5/5.

7. Lokmanya Ek Yougpurush.

It feels good to watch the premiere screening of any movie, but if its someone like Subodh Bhave,there’s nothing more enthralling than that. Om Raut’s debut has already begun with a blazing fire. With Lokmanya he endeavours not only to tether people to their seats but starts a laughter riot. This film is as serious as it is a fun to watch. The background music and the dialogues do the heavy lifting. The only thing holding the film’s storyline is the fusion of both; Lokmanya’s time and modern day interpretation/complication. Subodh Bhave’s role’s give us a brief idea about his choice of accepting similar characters. It’s as if he’s getting stereotypical.  It’s not a must watch but worth one time. I’m going with 3.5/5.

8.Charlie’s Country.

Charlie’s Country is an amusing but an earnest take on the demeanor of Charlie about the intervention of white people on Australian land. There’s no much story but it’s  arrangement is very well done. Charlie tries to show a way to his anger in an eccentric manner. I’ll give it 4/5 as it’s a fun ride.

9. Elizabeth Ekadashi.

Elizabeth Ekadashi is not just another family drama, but preaches a good deal of indoctrinations. Its a film teaching to confront the hurdles in times of adversity together. The story and screenplay has been amplified to a fascinating level. The acting by both child actors: Shrirang Mahajan and Sayali Bandakavathekar has been a spellbinding term. This film demands to be seen many times over again, which deserves 5/5.

10. Mommy.

Critically acclaimed film Mommy directed by twenty-five year old Xavier Dolan leaves you baffled. A surprisingly good film with the core plot that, a mother and her son having ADHD lives in an apartment where they start spending more time with their neighbor. One could wonder, “how can a film with such story can catch the eye of audience?” The mystery lies in the screenplay. A well written and picturesque filming element have both helped the movie to soar up in the air. I’m going with 4/5.

11. Conducta/Behavior.

Conducta is a film showing ingenuity and knack of the director Ernesto Daranas. Clicking all the right points it wades through the lives of a pupil and his teacher. Ernesto has appended some captivating dialogues with appreciable acting from all the actors. It’s a must watch for film lovers. It deserves 5/5.

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